Reflections of Our Brave Vietnam Veterans at Truax Campus and Veterans Resource Fair

Reflections of Our Brave Vietnam Veterans at Truax Campus and Veterans Resource Fair

by Bradley J. Burt 4:22 Chronicles Editor-in-Chief

15 March 2019—Friday March 29th, 2019, the Truax Campus will be hosting its annual veteran resource fair in the cafeteria through the Veterans Resources Coordinator Allan Locia, who stated: “Our development of our on-campus resource fair will be more of a robust offering this year,” who is inviting our campus to spend time in remembrance of the Vietnam War, which is the highlight of the event.

The significance of the “Reflections of Vietnam” exhibit is a showcase of equipment through a journey of the storytelling of those who were there to see it.  This group started in the ‘80s through the Vietnam Veterans of America, as a retrospect come to life, through the reality of the Vietnam war, as witnessed through the eyes of the members of the group. 

The mobile museum’s intent is to bring the reality of Vietnam to life by viewing the equipment on display as a token of artifactual evidence of the conflict during that period of time being ushered by those who are a part of the exhibit.  Items will be displayed in lockers and guest Vietnam Veterans will be on site to tell the stories of the items on display.  The mobile museum is one of the largest displays in the state of Wisconsin and will surely be one not to miss. 

“Vietnam Veterans will be sharing their experience from the conflict, not so much from their transition, but more of what the war was like,” stated Locia. 

            The entire dedication Allan has put into the event stems from his commitment to seeing to it our Wolfpack veterans are being provided with an academic support system by guiding our veteran student body with professional development.  Allan’s mission along with the VRS Mission statement seeks to “promote veterans’ resources at school and connect students to help them navigate the college system, while assisting them with transition to civilian life.”

The Veterans Resource Fair through the coordinating of Allan Locia will be offered by the members of the Veterans Lounge at the Truax Cafeteria, where VA and community partners will be on-site to assist its veterans to bring employers who will help them find jobs, as well as educating student veterans of their available resources with their college to civilian, and veteran to college transition as there are a significant amount returning to school later in life through the VA VITAL program.  The resource fair will aid the entire spectrum of veterans who are seeking outside sources, who will help aid their boots on the ground academic journey.

May we always pause each day to reflect on our American liberties to pay respect to the POW*MIA who will not be forgotten.

If you are interested in hosting the Reflections of Vietnam through the Vietnam Veterans of America, there point of contact information is as follows:

John Koehler

920 858 3310 

Vietnam Veterans of America – Chapter 351

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