Cobb-ed—The Current American Veteran Quantum Physics Parabola VA Claims System

by Bob Cobb

Here is the current American Veteran Quantum Physics Parabola VA Claims System:

The Current Dilemma: Board Doctor denies you after you spent fourteen deployments at war defeating Terrorism. He never spent one day out of twenty years outside of garrison. He makes decisions based on Dow Opiate special interest lobbying and money he is receiving from back door corporations who funded the Napalm testing on Vietnam Vets. The veteran requests a CBD alternative. The doctor replies, “The VA does not condone any of that Goddamn Hippie Cannabis for you, are you crazy!?”

The reality of the 22: You return home with a General discharge because you got drunk one night and ended up starting a bar fight on base—the result of the over exacerbation of war.

You are no longer eligible for VA PTSD treatment. John Locke argues on behalf of the warrior who clearly identifies Constitutionally that any condition as a result of war is the responsibility of the people.

So then why is it the decision of the people through Congress to deny any veteran mental health treatment? Cannabis sharecropping through vouchers is the solution.

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