Hostile Fire Pay and Imminent Danger Pay All Look the Same On Your LES

Cobb-ed—So get this—TBI therapy at Building 22 was only reserved for OIF and OEF veterans until recently when they opened up the services to those who served in “other” wars. What the ever living *explicit board doctor declared the war on terrorism more significant than other wars including Vietnam? I’m grateful but am growing resentment towards two-tiered VA treatment of all my comrades who are stuck with untreated conditions. The VA is broken and needs a State Voucher Program to fix it.

Luckily OP422 will solve the current problem. Hemp farming and processing will bring enough revenue to kick the federal VA in the fourth point of contact. Post 9/11 labelling is a Congressional wedge between veterans. If you served in combat, bore the flag on your right shoulder, you deserve resepect. If you served in combat with the 10th Mountain Division, you get double portions on Veterans Day at Golden Corral on me.