American Legion Post 501 Humble Pie Report and June Calendar of Events

By Brad Burt-Post Service Officer

The Service Officer is a busy and rewarding job. I am proud to serve as your new Service Officer and am grateful Post 501 of Madison, WI would have me.

Post 501 Service Officer’s Report

Greetings to all who are members of Post 501.  I am pleased to have been called to be your Service Officer.  Being a Service Officer is my passion. Keeping up with the VA takes dedication and attention to detail. I am also pursuing my UW Whitewater Liberal Arts Transfer at Truax Campus who hosts VA VITAL I have successfully graduated from. VA VITAL takes the veteran from the Crisis Line call and treats them at Building 22 to become future scholars through services offered at Truax. Reach out at our post membership meeting anytime if you would like to learn more.

The role of the Service Officer is to manage its post membership by offering an open door through availing opportunities for shut-ins and those who are hospitalized to be recognized as a priority by the post and am always happy to make a visitation if you are in need of assistance. I am dedicated to you.  My Outpost 422 outreach mission is taking care of those who are homeless as well. I will be attending Common Council meetings to report back to the post and will be spending my time as an intern serving the Madison College Clarion as their General Manager of Broadcast starting in July. 

I am a service-connected disabled veteran attending Madison Area Technical College at Truax who has felt the damage of the impact of the 22 and am writing journalism coverage to report back to the post. I am dedicating my time to making sure the shut-ins, homeless, VA opiate overprescribed, homeless and hospice are getting their needs met. We will be discussing launching a Facebook page to “go live” when we are working at the post to assist you and encourage all who cannot attend meetings to join. This is my first order of business.

We are American Legion Communication Leadership Course trained and ready to take our Communications to the next level through blog boosting and fundraising. Thank you for your generosity through the Wisconsin G.I. Bill that gave me a new outlook on life that led me to the UW Extension Journalism Certificate Program that allows me to dedicate to writing an archive for our post. Your tax dollar investment will be a returned dividend as your Service Officer.

June Post 501 Calendar of Events

June 8th Monthly Post Breakfast 10am

June 12th Drop off items for June 14th to 15 garage sales at Legion Post 501 from 0900 to 1200 hours.

1800 Hours Post 501 Potluck & Members meeting (Legion Auxiliary & Installation).

1900 Hours Auxiliary Unit 501 Members Meeting

June 13th Drop off items for June 14th garage sales at Post 501 from 0900 to 1200.

June 14th Flag Day American Legion Post 501 Brat Fest and garage sale.

June 15th American Legion Post Brat Fest and garage sale.

June 23rd Brat Fest at Metro Market and garage sale. Fundraiser for MATC Nurses training.

June 27th Dane County American Legion and Auxiliary Meeting at Post 501 starts at 1830 Hours.

June 28th Post 501 Executive Meeting 0900 Hours.

June 30th American Legion Post 501 Brat Fest at Metro Market.

The Great Farmer’s Almanac Humble Pie Report

As a member of the agriculture community as a processor, I love to share the good news of the farming gospel at our post meetings with my Service Officer Report. Our agriculture infrastructure needs care and certainly hope all who are members of Post 501 will take the endangered species of Bees into account when gardening. I have enclosed a video from the Farmer’s Almanac website for all to view. Be kind to our bees please.

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