The Dedication to Being a WI DATCP Hemp Pilot Program Guardian as a Veteran Watchdog Journalist to Develop a Consumer Protection Processor for Homeland Security Solvency Reporting Methods.

Commander Cobb was formed by Post 41 of the American Legion on September 4th, 2018 to take on the rogue quorum issues of Madison NORML as an Ad Hoc Enforcer/Board Reporter for the newly adopted Hemp Pilot Program through Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Transportation, and Consumer Protection—The dedication to being a Veteran Watchdog Journalist is the ethical means as veterans to develop a Consumer Protection Processor for Homeland Security. We must dedicate our efforts to develop as Solvency Reporters to assist veterans who are preyed upon by lies to act as moral agents in our community. Tracking sellers through journalism methods is the means to an end to stop sellers from abusing the program. Our job as veterans is to keep track of dispensaries who prey upon our medical conditions with CBD disinformation. Just say no to NORML using the American Legion Brand—The Commander Cobb Madison NORML Slack Channel Ad Hoc Enforcer Report.

The Commander C.O.B.B. Consumer Protection Trust Fund is asking the State of Wisconsin under shared governance to allow the Sacred Warrior Church of Native America Inc. to be its destroyed Hemp salvage cooperative treasury.

  • We are asking we be the schedule one handlers of all destroyed Hemp and collect a $10 per bottle levy surcharge for all out-of-state CBD sold in Wisconsin.
  • We are requesting our state Republicans to join us in creating the first privatized state VA through Oracle to treat all veterans with PTSD and addiction through the assembly of the MASH unit the 422nd Rescue and Recovery Brigade.
  • Our headquarters is Tellurian detox facility in Madison.

If you are a guest, call the veteran Detox Chaplain number on the bulletin board and we will direct you to the Capitol Police to check in for green alert registry. We are corralling the Hemp Pilot Program and using the fines to fund a state privatized VA that runs on voucher club cards like they use in casinos.

Brad Burt 12:56 June 23rd, 2019

We need better statewide regulation of the Hemp Pilot program. I have witnessed a Deputy Director put out a cease and desist order to a competing dispensary through the illegal misuse of an LLC abusing their quorum executive job to strong arm them. I am putting a stop to this by creating a Consumer Protection Processor. Our current CBD program mainly runs out-of-state products we are putting a levy on. We want all sellers to comply to solvency through cooperatives. CBD is a schedule one being handled by untrained entrepreneurs.

I know full well of six dispensaries I am closely watching who prey on veterans to go off their medication for a 15% discount. I spoke of this to the UW, Madison College, The American Legion Post 501, The UW Madison Board of Regents Veteran Chair and the VA VISN 12 (Regional VA for Illinois and Wisconsin Board of Directors) to enforce tougher standards for sellers to be required to sell Wisconsin CBD Oil first. The apothecary on State Street sells all out-of-state product and think we are losing ground this way.

Undercover watchdog veterans are among you. We are all Communications majors and Madison College Journalism Certificate trained to keep an eye on the rogue behavior happening in our state. Consumer Protection Processors are schedule one Chaplains and handlers to assist law enforcement with detox, assist veterans with PTSD who are considering using CBD products to consult with them first to present risks, and are watchdog journalists who report to the Department of Homeland Security Department Chair through one united voice at the 4:22 Chronicles. We are stopping the looting of Hemp by adopting farms through Wisconsin Hemp Farmers and Manufacturers Association in exchange for three hots and a cot and vouchers.

Got a complaint or need someone to investigate local CBD rip-offs?

Message Bob Cobb or email and we will be sure to file your anonymous complaint with the state.

Bob is our anonymous Hemp Pilot tip line who reports directly to DATCP Homeland Security Council Chair for the Hemp Pilot Program.

  • We are advocates for those who are being afflicted by scams due to an unregulated program.
  • We are all trained watchdog veterans who will do the dirty work of fact finding for you.
  • We are a nonprofit 501 c 3 medium called “the 4:22 Chronicles” who are scorn valored veterans taking our Rambo stories of workplace hazing and paying it forward as watchdog Op-ed writers united under one avatar.

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