UW Whitewater OutPost 422 Undergraduate Research to Study the Correlation Between Microaggressions and Veteran Suicide

My name is Brad Burt. I am the founder of the 422nd Rescue and Recovery Briagde. I am here to enlist your story. I need to get to the bottom of veteran suicide after being roughed up at work for using the VA. I have taken my defeat and turned it into advocacy. Your story is sacred to me. I know the agony and angst that plagues the veteran who contemplates end of life options. The Veterans Crisis Line saved my life. Intro to Diversity Studies led me to researching microaggressions and am on a spiritually charged mission to stop the current veteran 22 statistic through the State of Wisconsin Department of Veteran Affairs Zero Veteran Suicide Initiative by telling the Scorn Valor story.

I am slated to take Undergraduate Research opportunities to collect stipends at UW Whitewater to investigate and report about veteran suicide. The Scorn Valor stories are my Outpost 422 WordPress blogs that is a PTSD case study to write Op-eds to end veteran suicide. The unique perspective of the scorned valor veteran can only be captured through the occurrence told in the first-person narrative. I will be using your story for my Madison College podcast to share with the public how microaggressions develop into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Your story is my Practicum research.

If you would like to remain anonymous send your story to bobcobbfreepressink@yahoo.com. Bob is our State of Wisconsin Homeland Security reporter who is always on the job. Your identity will be anonymous and will narrate your Scorn Valor story at the 4:22 Chronicles through the protected identity as “Bob Cobb.”

We are developing a series for Cobbcasts and PBS research to eventually create a 422 Channel to broadcast when there are enough stories for a 12-part series. Communications is my hobby and am dedicating my life to stopping microaggressions for using the VA and company EAP to get well. We are sharing two sides of the story. Stigma keeps veterans locked up in the closet who eventually suffer from complex PTSD due to communities who shame them for working full time and collecting disability. Shame on all of you blame veterans like me for accepting the hand of help from the VA.

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