Microaggressions Are the Result of Gas-lighting—Veterans Are the Target in the Workplace for Using the VA and Missing Work.

Meet Jacob Clary, the Oncoming Storm. Jacob and I have been dealt heavy low blows in life and are taking on Microaggressions by reporting them and educating other veterans about gas-lighting. We are teaming up to end veteran suicide one blog at-a-time through UW Whitewater Undergraduate Workplace Research.

Microaggressions End Here

by Brad Burt

After surviving a hostile workplace that ended up with going back to school I have decided to beat the 22 through journalism and blogging. UW Whitewater is developing the 422nd Rescue and Recovery Brigade to survey veterans through a pragmatic angle. We want to know from an anthropological perspective what is going on with our tribe. All research goes to the further advancement of PTSD veterans to be allowed unlimited access to stipends and mental health opportunities when the storm approaches that seeks to run us off the job.

Anthropology does not pay the bills. I would be an Anthropologist if it did. I am taking my college one step further by pursuing the human intersection of political shift amongst human beings to report through Op-eds. My undergraduate dialectical and syntax research are what I call “Flux Journalism.” My advisor and I are developing a program that integrates journalists with anthropologists to study American slang known as “Microaggressions.” Microaggressions are “hate slang.” Slang only seeks to do one thing—confuse anthropologists. By reporting political flux we see where slang and dog whistle ingroup mechanisms develop through microaggressions that detail where society is at war with itself.

War is colonization. War is the maze way to human extinction. Microaggressions are a form of speech colonization to gas-light and conquer people to manipulate them into believing they are the problem. Microaggressions are the result of ego superiority to oppress those who are weak.

Very simply, when you manipulate someone through sophistry (snake oil lies and trickery) you keep predators out of your resource pile. Intersectionality seeks to share with everyone. Intersectionality is frowned upon by Human Resources as their job is to prevent employees from organizing. Workplace cliques are a dead giveaway at hire you are a target for gas-lighting. The best thing a person can do at interview is to request a workplace harassment policy. Ask lots of questions regarding their demographic hiring method. You have the right to know.

Solution: In order to protect our tribe we must sponsor new employees to assemble veteran welcome committees even if we are at war in the workplace, put on a solidarity smile by being a coalition. Developing an independent veteran society through sponsorship excuses us from acting like adult derelicts. The first impression we give our newcomer should always be veterans are a solid presence in the workplace to confide when life becomes extremely difficult after returning home from war. Our job as veterans is to meet with HR to enforce zero tolerance bullying protections to distance veterans from other hostile coworkers.

We veteran elders are the ambassadors and stewards who utilize an in house system of coverage when the veteran needs to miss work—we take care of our own. The first place a veteran becomes acquainted at transition is at the point of landing a job. Enforce your company to mandate memorandums. A company that runs on suggestion is an unethical operation and is a predatory practice. Recognize the warning signs before its too late.