American Legion Post 501 Madison, WI Service Officer Humble Pie Report

We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the Department Convention in Madison, WI at the Madison Marriot West Middleton, WI July 17-21st. Thank you for your continued support.

Greetings fellow members of American Legion Post 501, Auxillary, Sons of the American Legion, and our guests:

We have been working hard to prepare for the Department of Wisconsin American Legion Convention that is coming up quick. Please click on the calendar link above that will take you to our post website and invite all of you to share our Brat Fest information to help support our post. We will be discussing the development of our communications through Facebook at our next post meeting. Our number one goal is to reach every single one of you through our Facebook page in case you are unable to attend our meeting, may be a shut-in who would like a home visit, or hospitalized at William S. Middleton VA Hospital in Madison, WI. We truly appreciate all of you.

Humble Pie Report:

What is a humble pie report? A humble pie report was started at Post 41 and am carrying this tradition over to Post 501. Very simply, a humble pie report is a chance to share a few items from the Great Farmer’s Almanac about the gift we all receive daily with our farming community who is hard at work in America bringing food to our table. My main focus with the humble pie report is to discuss food pantry needs and to connect pantries with farms who wish to help out. I take great stock in caring for the homeless and care greatly about our farmers being a processor for the state of Wisconsin. VA farms are assisting our veterans find their center with PTSD and ask we take a moment to meditate on the current homeless veteran demographic by saying grace. Thank you for your support.

July Post 501 Service Officer’s Report:

The Madison VA new Harassment Complaint Policy and Mission Act are the two big topics. I reported to our Executive Committee on June 29th, 2019 at 0900 hours the episode I experienced at the VA and am looking to keep it short and sweet. If you are experiencing anything that may be considered a grievance we are instructed to seek the patient advocate on the first floor at room 1054A at the Madison VA Hospital. They will graciously assist you with the procedures to follow and give you a chance to consider your complaint before signing your document. The link to the new policy is listed below:

I met with Paul Rickert (Madison VA Hospital Public Relations) to seek literature regarding the new Harassment Policy and the Mission Act. The Mission Act is a new VA program that was signed into law that will allow veterans who commute from afar a chance to seek private care facilities closer to their residence. I have included a link for you to review.

I am going to Madison College to pursue my Journalism Certificate at the Truax facility and am developing my internship by reporting to our post. I have been graciously blessed with the Wisconsin G.I. Bill and appreciate the chance to sharpen my blog writing skills.

My pursuit of Political Science and Communications will be to eventually become a VA policy analyst that I am in pursuit of. I am also pursuing my applied research certificate through UW Whitewater where I will be writing my dissertation for the further advancement of VA farm programs to research PTSD, TBI, and Combat related injuries with the assistance of the guests who visit Dryhootch in Madison, WI. There is a PTSD and MTS support group that meets on Tuesdays at 1200 hours.


2825 University Ave Ste B, Madison, WI 53705 · ~12.5 mi(608) 250-2540

Journalism Practicum Program Internship at Madison College:

I am writing about my personal mission to gather stories and give back critical information to UW Health from my experience as a VA VITAL student at Madison College. My college journey began through Cognitive Processing Therapy at Building 22. My pursuit of journalism seeks to assist future veterans who are suffering from transitional struggles to point them to the key players at the Department level when having questions regarding claims. Being a Service Officer is the greatest position that is a learning experience every day. God Bless our Post 501 auxiliary for your support. I am here to serve you. I am looking forward to great things to come.


Bradley J. Burt

American Legion Service Officer Post 501 Madison, WI

Food for Thought:

I invite you all to share this clip as a token of appreciation to the hard working farmers of America.