A Warrior’s Tale—The American Veteran Scorn Valor Homefront Transitional Story

Bob Cobb—the anonymous veteran story reporting source:

Patrick DeQueredo‘s Story:

I joined the Army upon my 17th b-day in 1979. I wanted to kick the Ayatollah’s ass. I was a paratrooper, and had the privilege of serving with the Rangers at Ft Lewis, WA. I also served at Ft Bragg (82nd Airborne Division).

We tortured each other in the barracks. Electric shock, waterboarding with puke water, beating, etc.

I drank and drugged for 25 years thereafter, not knowing I had severe PTSD, and various mental afflictions. I needed the drugs and such to function & SLEEP.

My life got WORSE after sobriety. Could not sleep, and the various drugs the VA plied me with made me worse, once culminating in me cutting myself hundreds of times with razors. The one drug that helped, THC (cannabis), got me locked up.

The VA, AND civilian experts have mentally committed me numerous times.

Today I am a shut-in, afraid to leave my house. Unable to work, obviously, barely able to walk. If I call the VA Crisis Line, they send the cops, who are untrained to help, and typically beat me down, handcuff me with guns in my face, and AGAIN commit me.

I am very scared. I see little purpose in life. Only my pets and wife (bless her) keep me going. I wish, “Care 4 Our Vets” was actually a thing. Alas, it is not. Only a talking point

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