We Cannot Afford Anymore VA Setbacks—All Veterans Deserve Mental Health Treatment Regardless of Discharge

The Crisis

Today is the day we all put our foot down with the VA. We must advocate that all veterans regardless of discharge receive mental health treatment whenever they reach out to the Veterans Crisis Line. Vietnam Vets served two tours and went home. Our combat veteran demographic shift all changed when President Bush declared stop-loss for those who fight the War on Terror. Our society is failing to accept that combat leads to chemical dependence that develops into other-than-honorable discharges. Vietnam vets should always be the first in line to receive treatment regardless of discharge. We are getting them the help they need one vet at a time. They are priority in my book. I lived with untreated conditions for twenty years and speak from a platform of first-hand experience with the VA.

The Dilemma

Our recent 22 per day epidemic stems from an over exacerbation of combat exposure that sends our troops 18 tours to combat in a non-special operator Military Occupation Skill! How long will it take for America to wake up and realize freedom is not a luxury? What will it take for you stop harassing veterans who use the VA and why do you feel the citizens have the right to marginalize veterans? You don’t! You do not know what the third world looks like until you get there. Stop judging. As a disabled veteran who was harassed to the point of needing to use the Veterans Crisis Line at work from journey workers who threatened violence I can say that I speak as an advocate who has graduated through the college VA VITAL program and will use my academics to write Op-eds to end this nonsense.