The Department of Wisconsin American Legion Conference at the Marriot West in Middleton, WI

Outpost 422 State Street Veteran Checkpoint Report:

Good evening fellow veterans-

Today marked the first day of our Department of Wisconsin of the American Legion Convention. The first day of registration went well. There were several committee meetings today. I was unable to attend due to working the registration station. I did get to find some time to catch up with the Badger Legionnaire Communications and Marketing Specialist Marie Steffen. We chatted briefly about the upcoming General Manager Broadcast position I will be starting in the next two weeks and wanted to notify her I was a VA VITAL student attending the Madison College Clarion Practicum Journalism Program. Outpost 422 is the future program I have written to teach veterans how to write with an editorial voice. We will be exchanging emails moving forward regarding education and the Wisconsin G.I. Bill experience I am having at Madison College.


We hope to see all of you tomorrow at the convention. If you have not already registered I invite you to click on the link above for information regarding our weekend event. I am looking forward to hearing Major General Dunbar’s State of Wisconsin Adjutant speaking session. We are working to develop drone security on VA farms to keep out looters reported last fall to the Department of Agriculture, Consumer Protection, and Transportation. UW Madison and Madison College are developing opportunities for veterans who are using VA farms for PTSD therapy find their way through their struggled returning home. If you are struggling, please reach out to the Veterans Crisis Line by calling 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1.

Our state Department of Veterans Affairs hosts the Zero Veteran Suicide Initiative and encourage all who may be experiencing dark times seek the light. I am a Veterans Crisis Line survivor and a VA VITAL recovered disabled veteran who built this blog as an outreach. You can also download the PTSD Coach app that opens opportunities as well.

If you are struggling, check out Derek Weida. He helped me in tough times find the strength to call the Veterans Crisis Line. He is your battle buddy.


Volunteering to work at American Legion events gets me out in the community. Volunteering helps with meeting elder veterans who always make me laugh and cheer me up. Transferring to Post 501 of the American Legion in Madison, WI is by far enlightening. From our Brat Fests, to working registration at the Department Convention, I feel a sense of appreciation for the people who serve. I call the American Legion “the Veteran MEPS.” I had a chance to sit back and watch how we all treat one another and appreciate the efforts Legionnaires put forth to dedicate to the greater good of volunteerism. American Legion members accomplish the Zero Veteran Suicide Mission backed by our State Adjutant by being shining examples of ushers and stewards who truly care about all of those we lose at the rate of 22 per day.

Americanism and Solvency:

When it comes to dedicating and volunteering to the American Legion as a combat vet with wounds suffered in service; I treat my fellow members of my community with an ethical respect found in Americanism. I define Americanism as acting on my sacred oath I swore by doing my best to continue to live in a manner that promotes safety and security through how I speak and act. When I speak about how much I care about the auxiliary; I begin to see how crucial sustaining American liberty and freedom truly is the means to end community conflict as a veteran and a peacekeeper. Communities that war and bicker lead to violence and despair. Our job as Legionnaires is to strive to be civil with our neighbors. Our communities fall prey to harm due to a community divided by conflict. Americanism develops honesty. Solvency is the brand the American Legion sells. Solvency is about living according to a virtue of honesty through accuracy. Dedicating our volunteerism as a post openly with nothing to hide. Solvency builds trust in the community. I seek these virtues in all that I do.

Food for Thought:

As we Legionnaires move forward to seek new leaders and vote on resolutions; let us all reflect on solvency going into the polls. We must do what is right to sustain a healthy future as veterans for the American Legion to survive. May we always seek our elders to guide our ship to continue to do what we know is for the good of the American Legion. Thank you all for your efforts to perpetuate and maintain Americanism and Solvency. America is a better place for it.


Bradley J. Burt

American Legion Post 501 Madison, WI Service Officer