The Sacred Warriors

“One of the lessons learned during the Vietnam War was that the depiction of wounded soldiers, of coffins stacked higher than their living guards, had a negative effect on the viewing public. The military in Iraq specifically banned the photographing of wounded soldiers and coffins, thus sanitizing this terrible and bloody conflict.” Walter Dean Myers

Who are the Sacred Warriors of the Sacred Warrior Church of Native America Inc?

The legend of the Sacred Warriors can be found in every place we meet. We see them standing before us and on the corner of every street. They are noble and brave, they are the next 22 we ignore every day who don’t know what to do. Nobody listens to them when their may be a sign something is wrong. They act like hardened warriors who cry behind closed doors, wishing there was a magic wand to cure them of trauma from their civilian transitional wars.

They cry out to us when they return home from land, air, and sea. They are the walkers amongst the earth who fall prey to misery. The abyss awaits them in the deep, silent screams of agony with no relief. They run from untreated trauma from the bullies at work. They can’t take time off or they will surely reap—they turn to the only thing they know—the VA Opiate Harvester who possesses their war torn souls.

Over periods of time, the pills wear off, the Sacred Warrior suffers through detox shock and seeks for an oasis to cool them off—they are the silenced and beaten, their stories of being verbally assaulted in the workplace have them feeling defeated.

The Sacred Warriors watch over us at night. They are the ones who lost the 22 fight…

Although we seek to comfort them at home—their soul is lost—in the combat zone they roam, only wishing for the nightmare would leave them alone. The sounds of explosions awaken them at night, the terror, bewilderment, the reflections of losing their Battle Buddy in a firefight. We collect their memories here at Outpost 422—along with their families who know not what to do.

I ask you all to stop and pray, at 4:22 PM, while they stand guard every day. Their soul rests at Post Everlasting, while their memory here leaves their families fasting, never to see them and hold them again, Gold Star Mothers who have children who gave up the fight from the war they were in.

As we close in prayer, we seek only one request—never ever let their memories rest, for it is at Outpost 422 they will be blessed. They are the guardians of the next 22, they are the silent voice who cannot tell us how we can help you. The Sacred Warriors gave us their all; it is from their ashes America stands tall. Be not weary for they are on watch. We must honor them daily for the future 22 who are lost…22 More Dead Veterans Today—The price of America’s Democracy as a result of Congressional neglect. The thanks our Sacred Warriors get for the shores they use to protect.

19 years-old, Sitting in a Hangar, Waiting to Deploy—The 10th Mountain Division Operation Uphold Democracy A 1/7 FA Combat QRF Story

By Bradley J. Burt

Tell me again how our service in Port au Prince is non-combat.

September 10th, 1994-Orders to Deploy to Port au Prince Four Months After Operation Restore Hope Mission Ends:

The world in 1994 was in a state of crisis. Growing up as a kid in the late ’70s and early ’80s was spent watching Jimmy Carter and Ronald Regan address our nation regarding the Islamic state and its hostage-taking of U.S. Embassies and airline hijacking.

The summer of 1993 was a blur for me. I was newly graduated from high school and college quickly passed me by. November of 1993 looked hopeless for ever finding a path I thought would point me in the right direction. That was until I watched soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division being dragged through the streets of Mogadishu. My sense of duty became paramount to join the 10th Mountain Division and take up arms to defend this nation.

23 December 1993–10th Mountain Division COHORT enlistment as a 13 Bravo:

My decision to enlist in the U.S. Army was clear. I knew the minute I raised my hand I would be assigned to a division who directly supports the Pentagon through the 18th Airborne Corps. After swearing an oath to protect our nation from all enemies foreign and domestic, I was hoping to go straight to Somalia to find those responsible for dragging our soldiers through the streets and hold them accountable. There was only one problem—complete sixteen weeks of basic training first. Shipping off to basic and facing the reality of joining the Army did not bother me one bit. My life mission was to search and rescue those in combat who were now my Battle Buddies for life. Joining the Army became a call of duty to follow in the footsteps of those who gave their life for our nation knowing there was a possibility of becoming one of them.

08 February to 06 June 1994–Basic Training:

We were called up in Week 11 to deploy to Somalia. My Battle Brother Brylo “Poolstick” Williams and I were ready to throw down payback for the soldiers being dragged in the streets. Our orders were rescinded and deployed to Haiti instead. We were with Delta 1st Battalion 19th Field Artillery 3rd Platoon “Hellraisers.”

Haiti Invasion

The hardest pill to swallow is the Pentagon and 10th Mountain Division loss of our SRC records from our deployment. Somalia era veterans were given a double-dosage of Malaria Pills to survive the third-world conditions of Haiti. We survived monsoons, hostile fire, along with the same conditions Post 9/11 Combat QRF veterans share their experience who receive unlimited support. But what about us America? We received the Armed Forces Expeditionary Award, yet we are called “Soft War Veterans.” Please take a moment to check out the footage of our “Soft War.” We are rallying through Congress to search and rescue documentation from our conflict in Haiti and hope to achieve a Congressional recognition of our combat service to this nation. We are the first Air Assault Invasion in U.S. History. We took back the Haitian Embassy. There has to be some value with that.

Being 19, sitting in a hangar waiting to fight, only to seek treatment 20 years later and be denied into appeal is not how we solve the 22 Veteran Per Day and VA Parking Lot Suicide Statistic. Reaching out to 1-800-273-8255 and Pressing 1 through the Veterans Crisis Line helped me sort through this mess and will help you too.

Outpost 422–Strafing Fire in the Light Industrial Compound Guard Towers—PTSD VA Claims Denial

My Veterans Crisis Line story starts out with manning Outposts in Port au Prince. Being a low-ranking E-1 had me stuck on all the danger close missions. After having my guard tower gunned down one night, I did everything I could to downplay my fight. Returning home was harsh. All we did was fight and argue with each other. We were all suffering from untreated combat fatigue and the 10th Mountain Division did not want to hear “PTSD weak stories.” We were doomed from the start. I am asking 10th Mountain to acknowledge our mission and to join us in the fight to end veteran suicide by giving us our SRC records and accommodations when we seek to file our VA claims.

The Sitrep: The biggest obstacle I face with the VA is the Post 9/11 dilemma. The Madison VA Hospital openly acknowledges pre-9/11 are automatically sent to appeal due to being so overwhelmed. So who is paying the bill for the 22 Veteran Per Day Suicide Statistic? We are. America harasses us in the workplace through stigma claiming PTSD is a myth. I am calling all of you to stop this insanity. When a veteran is restricted from calling the Veterans Crisis Line at work and has to ask for a Cell Phone Permission Card, America becomes the problem. No employer should restrict a veteran from reaching out to the Veterans Crisis Line.

The Solution: The USERAA Act of 1994 and The Wounded Warrior Act of 2015 were designed to assist veterans with needing time off from work. Before you accept a job as a new hire you must ask your employer to see these documents. I am calling for a nationwide end for the 22 starting in the workplace. We cannot afford to tolerate veterans getting harassed for needing time off to use the VA. The result is catastrophic. Being a workplace survivor of hazing has led to the creation of Outpost 422 to search and rescue lost warriors through undergraduate VA applied research. We start by reaching out for help. Although there will be consequences for a PTSD diagnosis, you will at least provide our future 22 with solutions through PTSD Coach app and the Veterans Crisis Line. We cannot afford to be confused about untreated PTSD. Untreated PTSD becomes Complex PTSD and once CPTSD sets in, there is a very slim chance there will ever be a full recovery.

If you are having transitional struggles, download PTSD Coach app. You can find more information here:

May No Service Member Go Unloved—We are Your Refuge at Outpost 422

Outpost 422 Clarion Broadcast Mission

By Bradley J. Burt

General Manager of Broadcast

Outpost 422 supports the Department of Veteran Affairs of Wisconsin Zero Veteran Suicide Initiative. We are advocating for veterans in crisis to receive urgent care.

As we approach the fall 2019 semester, I am cordially inviting all who are able to join the Wolfpack Clarion community as a collective body tackle the obstacle of ending the 22 Veteran Suicide per Day statistic. We will no longer stand by idle, we will face the challenge by supporting the launch of Outpost 422. What is Outpost 422? We are an ad hoc broadcast regarding Student Senate meeting topics that features Wolfpack veterans on our talk show. As the Broadcast General Manager for the Clarion, our talk show and staff are pleased to announce our Outpost 422 QRF Clarion mission is to raise funds to end veteran suicide.  Outpost 422 was created this summer through “Launch Your Business,” which was a gift offered to students who entered the Madison College Challenge.

Our VA Farms for VA VITAL prototype, “The 422nd Rescue and Recovery Brigade,” was a semi-finalist for the Madison College Challenge, which supports Capitol Law Enforcement with our current homeless veteran situation. We also assist with intake at the Tellurian Detox Facility. We are capturing the lens of the veteran in crisis and sharing how we as a community can help as a nonprofit medium through our 501 c 3 organization created in the Business Plan Certificate Program.

The Madison College Challenge rewards the winner with a $5,000 grand prize to launch your business. We are launching our prototype as an internship for veterans who enter through the Veterans Integration Transitional Academic Leadrship Program available at our Truax Campus. VITAL offers homecoming strategies to help veterans who are Wolfpack students and want to leave behind a fully developed veteran entrepreneurship opportunity through the Madison College Journalism Certificate Program. We are an event and fundraising organization to assist the VA VITAL program at Madison College.

Outpost 422 is more than an entrepreneurship program competing for cash—we are an open invitation to everybody to bring the 22 Veteran Per Day suicide statistic to zero.  We are raising funds to place an Outpost 422 Boulder at each campus and at Peace Park on the 400 block of State Street, which is also being placed throughout reservations as well.  We want to recognize the Department of Veterans Affairs of Wisconsin Zero Veteran Suicide Initiative and will be the first broadcast to develop veteran internships on VA farms through UW Madison.

What can you expect from the Clarion this year? Solidarity against gun violence through veteran suicide awareness.  We are asking all veterans in our school to take the Outpost 422 pledge by acting as ushers, who are the guardians of the student body.  We swear allegiance to Student Senate by keeping an eye as ad hoc reporters.

Our main mission as veterans should be to keep our community safe and look out for our own.  Being both a UW Liberal Arts Transfer at Madison College and the pilot for UW Whitewater undergraduate research, the efforts of Outpost 422 will seek opportunities to develop veterans who will be the future Wolfpack Quick Reactionary Force, who serve internships through the Outpost 422 Practicum Ad Hoc Reporting Program. The Madison College Op-ed Mission to end veteran suicide started in Intro to Mass Communication and has led to pursuing the Journalism Certificate Program.  Outpost 422 teaches our newly transitioning veterans academic tips and tricks to succeeding while enrolled at Madison College.

We will be working with Student Senate, the Clarion Staff, Veterans Resources Coordinator Allan Locia, UW Whitewater Richard Harris, UW Madison Joe Rasmussen, American Legion Post 501 Executive Committee, and the Madison Common Council to establish Outpost 422 as a veteran watchdog mission to watch over our Capitol and UW Madison Campus as ad hoc reporters.

We will be working with community programs like Tellurian Detox Facility, VA Farms, Dryhootch, and the Madison College Veterans Lounge to round up as many veteran voices as we are allowed to share the great news about great community services that will assist any veteran who is in crisis find opportunity.

Our main push is to raise funds annually that will provide veterans in crisis with vouchers for tablets to utilize PTSD Coach App before they check in to the VA. As an over watch outreach mission, our combined efforts will provide cover fire through wifi devices whenever the vet in crisis needs to reach out to the Veterans Crisis Line at our safe garden of Peace Park. Free wifi at Peace Park assists struggling vets who are seeking support during a situation that may be life threatening.

The 22 Solution: By offering free wifi at Peace Park, we offer alternative options, by providing access strategies that divert the veteran immediately.  Outpost 422 will also be broadcasting the Student Senate recap from our meetings on Thursdays at 4:30pm.  We will be seeking to bring this internship to veteran conventions to narrate how to assist us when we reach out for help.

Being survivor of the Veterans Crisis Line brought me to school.  Outpost 422 message is clear—“if I can than so can you.”  If you are struggling, pick up the phone and dial 1-800-272-8255 Press 1.  I was once there too. Outpost 422 will help you navigate another day to see your situation through.

The 53rd Annual Menominee Nation Contest Pow-wow Welcomes Veterans

by Bradley J. Burt

Saturday August 3rd, 2019 was my first time attending a Native American Pow-wow. Whether it be sharing the peace with the Menominee, receiving honor extended to all who have served, or sharing an Indian Taco—my first day of Pow-wow was nothing short of a divine experience.

Arrival: We arrived at the Menominee Nation around 1500 hours where we were welcomed by friendly vendors at the War Memorial Park, which hosted a giant “Pow-wow” sign to welcome all who were traveling. We happened to be heading from the Madison, WI area where I was picked up by two great supporters of Outpost 422—Steve and Tammy Foye.

Steve and Tammy Foye were our hosts, who invited us to the event who are our family. Steve introduced me to Boog at the War Memorial Park, who is member of the tribe and a Navy Veteran. After shaking hands with Boog, we loaded up the car and took off for the Pow-wow.

Steve is my connecting link with Menominee veterans through his genuine support of our mission to end veteran suicide. Steve’s generosity was extended in early May when the planning began to attend the Pow-wow. Steve believes in the Stephen Minister mission the Sacred Warrior Church of Native America Inc. safehouse operation will bring and is doing all he can to help. Foye has been attending Menominee Pow-wows for decades who recommended I reach out at the Pow-wow to share ideas and pay respects to deceased veterans at the Menominee cemetery. We are seeking support from native friends to assist with getting the Outpost 422 fundraising mission off the ground.

We showed up with one thing in mind—to experience the wealth of culture offered by the great Menominee Nation. We were welcomed with friendly smiles and great food stands. After parking the Benz, we got out and heard the beating of drums followed by the smell of Indian Fry Bread. I knew right away my introduction to the Menominee Pow-wow would be nothing short of genuinely delicious. The dance contest was under way that went around the circle to each competing group. I felt right at home.

Paying My Respects:

The purpose of our visit to the Menominee War Memorial Park before entering the Pow-wow was to meet up with elder veteran friends of Steve Foye. After being introduced, we began discussing the issue of the 22 veterans who will not make it through today. I extended my invitation to join us to brainstorm PTSD Coach App strategies with the Menominee Tribal Veterans Council. The mission at Outpost 422 is to acknowledge the special role of the 22 who will be joining the ranks of those at Post Everlasting.

The 22 veterans who commit suicide per day are being called through our Outpost 422 vigil mission to assemble at Post Everlasting. Our prayers for their families seek to assure and comfort the afflicted their loved one is on over watch as guardians. Our monumental 22 Boulders of the Sacred Warrior Church of Native America Inc. are their memorial. We are seeking the blessing of elders who are the ambassadors of the Great Spirit. We are searching for the answers to end veteran suicide the Pow-wow will bring. We are looking to educate America through blog narratives about the great sacrifice our tribal warriors offer when they swear an oath to our nation who are also suffering the fate of the 22. We need all the help we can get.

Overwhelmed with emotion standing before those who have left our ranks, I had to step back and collect myself for a minute. Native American veterans are a symbol of bravery above and beyond the call. Commitment, courage, and community are what make veterans unique.

Outpost 422 is seeking support in Madison, WI from the Common Council to welcome tribes at Peace Park on the 400-block of State Street.

The Sacred Warrior Church of Native America Inc. is a 501 c 3 safehouse mission. Outpost 422 is our memorial blog mission who is seeking a community pledge to recognize the gravity of suicide and VA painkiller overdose.

We are raising awareness to assist tribal veterans with PTSD Coach App strategy services through raising of funds to assist with vouchers to receive free tablets. Madison, WI is the host of the National Veteran Suicide Research Center at the Madison VA Hospital and UW Health.

Our UW Whitewater research mission seeks suggestions from tribal elders as to how we can help revitalize our tribes. We are asking for prayers and meditation at 4:22 pm each day as a fortress of solidarity from our veteran nation. PTSD Coach app must be made available to all veterans regardless of discharge.

We are preparing a fundraiser to request permission from the Madison Common Council to place a monumental 22 boulder at Peace Park. We want to invite all tribes and their elders to share peace to end veteran suicide at Peace Park and at all indigenous cemeteries. The boulder will also be headquartered at Peace Park on State Street to acknowledge the importance of our nationwide veteran suicide search and rescue mission.

Our blogs will be used to narrate the reality of veteran suicide for all who visit our State of Wisconsin Capitol. The 22 Boulder will act as a beacon for all veterans who are lost.

Combat takes a toll on all veterans from all lands who need services allocated from our community to assist anyone who wonders and gets lost in suicide and VA painkiller addiction regardless of discharge. Our campaign is to unify as one veteran body to extend the hand of assistance through PTSD Coach app tutorials.

The Sacred Warrior Church of Native America Inc. is a 501 c 3 to see to it reservations are receiving care and support from America’s churches when anyone, anywhere reaches out for the hand of help when the veteran falls into a crisis. We are launching a safehouse program to welcome all veterans who visit the Wisconsin State Capitol have a place to welcome them when they wonder into America and get lost.

The First Order of Business—Pay Respect for Those Who Sacrificed Their Life for Americans

I was amazed to find out there were Navajo Code Talkers amongst the Menominee. They are my favorite people to research.

The revelation I was presented about Pow-wow on the Menominee reservation kicked off the Saturday August, 3rd ceremony with a veteran color guard and flag display. My mission as a Stephen Minister is to connect with every single veteran soul about our mission to end the 22. At the close of business I was looking to meet with elders and members of the color guard, and to introduce myself as an American Legion Service Officer. We did not make the connect. Luckily, we were attending the Pow-wow for two days and had another chance to meet up Sunday instead.

Our mission is to spread the word across the United States to seek support to end veteran suicide. Deep down inside my soul, I feel empty, and am the bearer of bad news at times being a Service Officer and Sacred Warrior Chaplain. The emptiness is filled with joy when we account for each and every one of our warriors who will end up in Outpost 422 today.

As the rain opened up in the sky, we took off to meet up with Boog at his place, and left the Pow-wow. The Sacred Warrior Church Mission at the Menominee Pow-wow was to seek the Menominee blessing. What I walked away with was a heart full of the Great Spirit who has blessed the Outpost 422 charge on the Menominee Reservation. After leaving the War Memorial Park, shedding soul-filled tears, receiving the warmth of the sun; my soul was finally at peace and am empowered by the spirit of the Menominee to venture out into the unchartered waters to search and rescue veterans who are lost in the abyss.

Outpost 422 Clarion Broadcast to End Veteran Suicide

Outpost 422 VA VITAL Veteran Mission to Raise Funds for a Memorial at Peace Park in Madison, WI.

By Bradley J. Burt-GM of Broadcast

The Misson: As we approach our fall semester, I am taking on the task of raising awareness of veteran suicide by being the Clarion Radio Broadcast General Manager to share the great opportunities Madison College offers veterans through the Veterans Integration To Academic Leadership Program. VITAL is the reward for completing Cognitive Processing Therapy treatment after receiving an intake referral from the Veterans Crisis Line.  The Outpost 422 broadcast will feature combative strategies to overcome the spectrum of Post Traumatic Disorder through the narration of the PTSD Coach app.  For more information regarding VITAL, click on the link found here:

The SITREP: As a student who is faced with disabilities, I am presented with situations that leave me with the inability to share my struggles with professors at times. I rely on the A10 Warthog known as “PTSD Coach App” in situations that require me to step out of class and collect myself.  My question to all of you is, “how many of us even know the PTSD Coach app exists, and what do we as a student body do to be supportive in the classroom to accommodate?”

The Outpost 422 Medium DevelopmentClarion Radio Link for broadcast / Tune in and find out how we as a student body can be proactive when veterans become overwhelmed in times of crisis.  We will be going out on remote broadcasts as Outpost 422 to raise PTSD Coach awareness and will recap through Facebook and WordPress at

Jacob Clary’s #Fight22 Mission in Kansas will be a part of the show. Jacob “the Oncoming Storm” is the featured warrior who uses MMA to combat transitional struggles. Writing journalism features for Jacob as a team has helped me overcome my fear of writing academically.

The Dilemma: Being a veteran enrolled in the Journalism Certificate Program was something I stumbled upon that has helped me develop an opportunity to serve the student body as the VA VITAL veteran voice.  As a graduate from the VITAL program, I believe our campus leads the way that offers the VITAL program on-site, which offers strategies for our combat veterans, available to those who seek VA services while enrolled in school.

            Outpost 422 was a project created in the “Launch Your Business Program” this summer that opened me to branding and product development.  “The Madison College Challenge” catapulted me into writing prototypes that have been my mechanism to treating my condition with fast-writes and brainstorms.  We write stories as a nonprofit medium who features Jacob Clary as one of our survivor stories. We are a benefit to end veteran suicide through the 422nd Rescue and Recovery Brigade. Our mission is to teach veterans coping mechanisms when dealing with situations where “the Oncoming Storm” seeks to defeat us. Jacob hosts his MMA fighting in Kansas and can be found here:

The uniqueness of Outpost 422 as a broadcast will seek to share all the bits of information Madison College has to offer and will be a submission for the Madison College Challenge in 2020 to seek the grand prize of $5,000 to request an Outpost 422 monument be placed at Peace Park by our members of the Madison Common Council, the members of American Legion Post 501, and my hosting prospecting post called “the 422nd Rescue and Recovery Brigade State Street Mission.”

Our mission through entrepreneurship and journalism is to create an outreach to end veteran suicide.  What can you expect from our broadcast this year will be an in-depth Student Senate report, veteran interviews, UW Madison and UW Whitewater veteran transfer information, Dryhootch and VA VITAL writing club opportunities, along with some Op-ed debate with our guests who sign up to argue how to end veteran suicide.

I look forward to a great year serving you as the Clarion Radio Broadcast General Manager and hope you will all tune-in to check up on Student Senate issues.  We are creating a format to develop Practicum Ad Hoc Shared Governance reporting and look forward to sharing with all of you the weekly Student Senate news report.