Dryhootch Supports Veterans of Dane County

by Bradley J. Burt


This Week’s Feature: Dryhootch

Madison, WI—Dryhootch is a facility designed to meet with the Veteran who is developing into a crisis. Sometimes Veterans fall through transition into civilian life. Dryhootch is a community outreach designed to meet the Veteran who may be uncertain what the future may hold. Dryhootch opens the portal of hope to share strategies with the Veteran that comforts the individual as a safe shelter when the 11th hour rears its ugly head.

On average, 22 Veterans Per Day Commit Suicide. Download PTSD Coach App and Talk to the Professionals who can help. 1-800-273-8255 Press 1. the Veterans Crisis Line is only one call away.

Dryhootch is a Safe Place in Crisis.

Address: 2825 University Ave #2, Madison, WI 53705



Phone: (608) 250-2540

Outpost 422 Communicates with Dryhootch and Capitol Law Enforcement.

If you are a Veteran who has been recently discharged from the Madison VA and have nowhere to go or are homeless, you can meet us at Peace Park by reaching out to our Watchdog Quick Reactionary Force on our Outpost 422 Facebook page. We are UW Veterans who have survived the 11th hour by using PTSD Coach app and the Veterans Crisis Line who attend the Tuesday crisis support group at 12 p.m. in Madison, WI. Look for us under the sign at Peace Park on the 400 block of State Street.

Dryhootch has been a game-changer that offers assistance with academics as well. Our goal through our Outpost 422 outreach is to enlist as many Watchdogs as we can to support Dryhootch with their upcoming Valor building groundbreaking find a place for our Battle Buddies to call home. Dryhootch will not judge your situation. Reach out anytime.