The American Legion Post Service Officer’s Role and How They Can Help Veterans Navigate Claims at

American Legion Post Service Officers are a veteran’s first line of communication when inquiring about filing a claim for disability services through the Veterans Administration. Veterans who seek assistance who are seeking information regarding the Veterans Administration can reach out first to a Post Service Officer. Help begins at the post level who will assist with sorting out information. One thing a Veteran can expect is to always have members at American Legion posts to greet them. Service Officers are there to open the door for new members who also meet prospecting members in the community. Service Officers are their advocates. You do not need to be a member to speak with a Post Service Officer.

American Legion website link:

American Legion Service Officerr

Service Officers are community ushers for veterans who may be confused about where to turn when filing or opening a claim. As a Service Officer to Post 501 of Madison, WI, I would like to invite all who are discouraged about their future with claiming VA benefits to take a moment and tour the website, but first, you will need to register. The First Step to exploring is to click on the link below.

Please take a minute to register for access to VA claim information:

Please take a minute to review website first. Take your time and survey the great rewards the Veterans Administration provides for your service. It is my pleasure to serve all of you who have served. Please leave comments or go to our American Legion Post 501 Madison, WI, link on our homepage to reach out to our Service Officer on our website or Facebook links.

According to American Legion Post Service Officer Guide, “an effective Post Service Officer understands benefits afforded to veterans and dependants; however, the PSO is not allowed to file claims on behalf of the claimant. PSOs serve as valuable resources to veterans in local posts to ensure that our veterans and their dependents receive their earned benefits.”

What Service Officers can do: 

  •  Assist veterans with rideshare information available for their appointments.
  •  Contact Department Service Officer at intake.
  •  Share literature available at the local post.
  •  Visit with members at VA hospitals or assist members with making appointments.
  •  Research community programs available like Dryhootch and reach out for assistance.
  •  A handshake for your service to the United States Military

What Service Officers cannot do:

  •  Offer legal advice.
  •  Speculate the outcome of any claim.
  •  Assist with filling out paperwork.
  •  Order prescriptions.
  •  Share sensitive information covered under the Privacy Act of 1974.

Information regarding the Privacy Act of 1974 website can be viewed at

How to begin filing a claim by registering at

Please go here to register for access to VA claim information:

Registering at starts by clicking on the “sign-in” feature at the home page in the upper right corner.
Go to the next page and click on “DS Logon.” This will take you to the sign-in page.
Click on “need an account?”
Follow instructions for creating a DS Logon account.
Once you click on the DS Logon sign-in feature you must read the disclaimer.
Scroll down and enter the DS Logon username and DS Logon password.

Note: Ebenefits has moved to the website. You can still access Ebenefits, but will need to use the website to review and track claims. The VA is currently in the process of transferring from Ebenefits to The registry.  There will be times the website will instruct the user to revert back to Ebenefits, which is confusing. Do not be alarmed. Follow procedures until the VA develops its online interface.

Navigating the website starts by clicking on programs and links. Feel free to explore services and locate claims information. Claims information will help the patient navigate past VA appointments and offer premium access to explore federal programs available once registered with an approved service-connected claim. Service Officers assist with confusing navigation of VA programs on the web.

If you or a loved one need assistance, please leave a comment and our administrators will reach out as soon as we can. Thank you for your service to the United States military and welcome to the VA claims system. Good luck with your future and reach out on our American Legion Post 501 Madison, WI, page Facebook link to connect with a Madison area Service Officer when visiting the Madison VA Hospital.