Forward Operating Base Fenty Christmas Gift Drive Deadline is Dec.8 for The Clarion Broadcast Group 10th Mountain Adopt-a-Platoon

The Clarion Broadcast Group is raising funds to support FOB Fenty in Afghanistan and we need your help.

What you can do:

Donate to our troops: 10th Mountain Adopt-a-platoon mission

Our Dec. 8 deadline is fast approaching. We are looking to donate items to our Bravo Troop of 6-6 CAV who is newly deployed to Afghanistan. We have adopted 10th Aviation as our platoon at Madison College through the Clarion Broadcast Group. Outpost 422 is their place to connect to let us know how they are doing, to write features about their mission, to raise awareness about the current state of crisis in America to connect with veterans, to assist with crisis management solutions distributed through the Outpost 422 mission.

Our fundraising efforts interact with those who are in crisis.  You are their overwatch and support.

If you are a veteran who is in crisis at the moment, please reach out to any of the listed Facebook pages located on our menu for help worldwide. We are a global fundraising and combat radio transmitting overwatch to connect you with services in the time of crisis. We also hope to connect all who are currently serving the military with veterans who are available with the click of a mouse. Our mission is to entertain, educate, reach out to all who are in need by offering a portal to other veterans who have been in your position including me.

My name is Specialist Bradley Jason Burt of the 3rd Battalion 6th Field Artillery 1st Brigade 10th Mountain Division who served during the embassy overthrow in Port au Prince, Haiti as a QRF member for the airport and 10 MP LIC. I let my trauma go untreated for far too long, that was until I found help at Building 22 at the Madison VA. We are the VITAL veterans who have survived and lived to tell the story of success after finding services to help us survive. Keep checking in and help us raise funds for our adopted platoon.