Madison College Clarion Broadcast Group Needs Your Help With Requested Items at FOB Fenty

by Centaur Five Delta ’95-’97

FOB Fenty.jpg

What you can do:
Donate to our troops: 10th Mountain Adopt-a-platoon mission

Madison College Clarion Broadcast Group hosts the FOB Fenty 10th Mountain Adopt-a-platoon through the Outpost 422 mission. Your donations will be spent on the following items:

Most Requested Care Package Items

Batteries (AA, AAA, C, and D)
Boot socks: black, tan, or olive green
Letters of support (letters from you, from children, or from your
business, office, school, or other organization in support of our troops)
Liquid body wash (no pump dispensers please)
Pre-sweetened flavored beverage mixes (smaller sizes please)
Sandwich sized zipper lock baggies
Single-serving size snacks and non-perishable food items, particularly tuna kits, beef jerky, canned fruit (small containers, pop-top lid), dried fruit, nuts and other healthy snacks
Undershirts (olive green, short sleeve)

Food Items
Please do not send bags of chips. They will not make the transition.
Beef jerky, beef summer sausage (non-perishable, USDA Beef)
Canned cheese dips (NO glass please)
Canned sardines, smoked oysters
Chicken or tuna lunch kits (includes foil pouch of tuna, crackers, and condiments in each single-serving kit)
Fruit: single serving size cans
Gum, Lifesavers®, mints (blister pack gum is best because of the intense heat)
Hard candy (single-wrapped)
Jalapeno Velveeta® and crackers
Nuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts, trail mix, dried fruit
Pop Tarts®, cereal bars, granola bars, Popcorn
Power bars, protein bars, nutritional bars
Ramen noodles
Ravioli and other canned ready-to-eat meals (single serving) with pop-top
Seasoning salts, flavoring salts
Single-serving bags of snacks, crackers
Taco Bell® sauce packets

Beverage Items
Crystal Light® (or other brand) “On the Go” flavor packets
Ground coffee
Hot cocoa
Instant coffee
Lemonade mix, Kool-Aid® mix, Tang®, Iced Tea mix
Sports drink mix (powdered and tablet only)
Sugar and creamer packets for coffee (No artificial sweetener)
Recreation Items

Gently used magazines less than three months old
Hacky sacks, tennis balls
Movie DVDs (new or used; original only)
New decks of cards
Small hand-held games
Soft cover books

Clothing Items

Black or white cotton socks
Boot bands
Boot socks: black, tan, or olive green
Fingerless gloves
Long underwear (during winter months)
Men’s and women’s underwear (try military surplus stores)
Stocking caps (plain or black)
Tactical scarves
T-shirts (olive drab or white)

Communication Items

Pens and unsharpened pencils
Small, blank journals
Small pads of paper

Personal Supply Items

72″ bootlaces (brown or tan preferred)
Batteries (AA are most requested, then AAA)
Disposable, instant hand warmers (during the winter months only)
Electrical tape
Leatherman all-in-one tool
Snack, sandwich, quart-size Ziploc plastic bags
Super glue
Tactical duct tape: military green, tan, or black
Foot Care Items

DO NOT send baby powder
Anti-fungal treatments
Band-Aids® (sweat/water resistant)
Boot liners/insoles
Lotrimin AF® or Tinactin® for athletes’ foot (Ointment or cream, no aerosol)
Medicated foot powder, medicated foot swabs (Gold Bond® preferable)
Moleskin (provides padding on sore feet, you’ll find it with Dr. Scholl’s® type things at Wal-Mart or drug stores)
Odor Eaters® for boots

Personal Care Items

Baby wipes for personal hygiene (alcohol-free)
Disposable hand sanitizing wipes
Eye drops (to relieve dry eye, not redness), Eyeglass wipes
Insect repellent
Lip balm (Blistex®, Chapstick®, Carmex®) in stick-tubes rather than tubs, not tinted
Liquid hand sanitizers (no pump-style dispensers)
Pain relievers (Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Tylenol®, Midol®) in small containers
Saline spray/drops for sensitive nasal passages
Sunblock (travel size or stick preferable, no aerosol, SPF 30+)
Throat lozenges
Travel size packages of Q-tips
Women’s feminine wipes

Toiletry Items

Dental floss
Disposable multi-blade razors (no single-blade razors please)
Kleenex (travel-size packets)
Liquid body wash soap, liquid anti-bacterial soap (no bar soap or pump-style dispensers)
Lotion, unscented, for dry skin (no pump-style dispensers)
Men’s and women’s deodorant
Nail clippers
Oral B Brush-Ups™
Razors and replacement blades
Toothpaste (in hard-side tubes rather than traditional tubes