The Witching Hour Kicks Off in January on Madison College Clarion Radio

The Madison College spring semester kicks off in two weeks along with a newly formatted show featuring Wisconsin death metal acts to entertain our troops who are checking in.

What is the Witching Hour? The Madison College Clarion Broadcast General Manager’s show sharing stories about being in the band, living up to the myth by being a legendary drummer at Appleton West High School class of ’93. We are creating a soundtrack for Documentary Storytelling through Blog-casting.

The Witching Hour Blog

The Witching Hour Blog-cast is a prototype for the Outpost 422 entry in the Madison College Challenge. We are pursuing our startups to write a documentary that interacts with our Facebook audience. The documentary will be called “Batshark—the Mike Fleury Story.”

We are assembling Wisconsin death metal musicians to pay their respects who will be session musicians for benefit shows through the Life is a Landmine Tour Mike Fleury helped get off the ground. The Witching Hour format selects songs from his favorite bands around Wisconsin.

Go to The Clarion Broadcast General Manager’s Facebook page and drop a comment requesting songs or giving a shout out to the troops here:


The Witching Hour

What can listeners expect? An in-depth overview of how death metal songs develop from prototypes from the ’90s commonly heard at Apple Emporium in Appleton, WI, which closed its doors never to be seen or heard from again, thus vanishing into a myth. Apple Emporium was a legendary place where teens gathered to play hacky sack and plan opportunities to explore the Necronomicon. Listeners can expect nothing short of the most brutal death metal being played on Saturdays from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. at

Do expect to hear masterpiece engineered music followed by stories of myths and legends. The Witching Hour also investigates what bands are playing in the Madison, WI, and Capitol area. Our first featured story talks about a Two Rivers, WI band who is being backed by a major record label called “Prosthetic Records.” The Witching Hour featured band “Micawber” will be sure to turn many heads as they develop as seasoned musicians and masters of their craft. Check out their video featured below:

Please do tune in and support the Wisconsin music scene. Our efforts across the state will be used for the University of Wisconsin communications research to end veteran suicide through a method called “warrior catharsis.” Screaming along with death metal cruising down the highway is therapeutic when panic sets in. Let out the frustration through channeling dark energies to turn critical moments around 180 degrees.

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