You Are Listening to the Witching Hour—Blogcast Launch

Metal Max and Brad Burt host a late night metal review at Madison College called “The Witching Hour.” The show takes on death metal from a pragmatic approach to survey the ecstatic human nature of warrior culture through case study.

Outpost 422 future surveys seek to offer cathartic methods to overcome the impossibility of conquering ideations during the trauma informed 11th hour.

The argument? Death metal is warrior catharsis. Outpost 422 is surveying combat active duty and veterans to prove their point. Please continue to tune in on Saturdays at 3 a.m. CDT at or click on the “CR” link in the widget section.

Stop by and give Metal Max a shout. Max hosts the Witching Hour’s “Metal Max Maximum Metal Top 5” picks of the week. Max is an articulate critic and an expert reviewer of the Madison, Wis. metal scene.

Go to: to learn more.


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