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What is Blogcasting?

Blogcasting is the face of radio. Blogcasting is a method of development used to create writing and speaking outlets for vets who struggle in school. The program started with the Journalism Certificate Program at Madison College and will finish with the Business Plan Certificate by merging blogs with podcasts. Blogcasting is a podcast and blog writing development process to teach mechanisms of catharsis through on-air and feature writing.

Overcoming Impossibility starts at Madison College. Once the veteran transfers from their 14-week Cognitive Processing Therapy at the Madison VA, fast-writing methods will be offered through a welcoming committee to calm anxiety that become a daily exercise. The Madison College Writing Center tours will be offered to connect those who wish to pursue the Journalism and Practicum programs.

Blogcasting internships will begin the next phase of writing and speaking taking the individual from crisis to catharsis, who become the catalyst. Speaking and writing develop in an effort to purge thoughts into research. Opportunities are made available to all who complete their therapy.

Madison College assists veteran transfers through the Veterans Integrational to Academic Leadership (VITAL) program provided at the Truax campus. The VA offers therapy and support for all who are struggling with symptom management.

None of the other University of Wisconsin campuses offer this tool to succeed, which makes Madison College the right choice for vets who struggle overcoming the impossibility of managing anxiety and depression once therapy completes.

The Madison College Challenge introduced business plan writing during the Spring semester of 2018. As a perk for competing, I was offered the Kaufmann Template that taught me methods of brainstorming. Brainstorming calms anxiety. Executive summaries are lengthy, requiring maximum concentration to develop prototypes, which helped me stay grounded to overcome periods of panic.

After becoming acquainted with Madison College and academia, I started attending free entrepreneurship seminars that led to the blogcast ideation. What is one thing we all agree about radio? We never see who is behind the microphone. How can anyone trust what is broadcasted? Seeing is believing right? Exactly. Those who invest in blogcasting watch their development.

Blogcasting improves Terminal Brain Injury. Outpost 422 was developed during the Launch Your Business program that lit the brainstorm during the summer of 2019. Social Media Writing and Practicum pilot writing developed the talk show at Clarion Radio. After an eye-opening discovery, the revelation occurred that broadcast, along with speaking on-air, develops fluent speech—a disability symptom as a result of TBI. Slurred and broken speech plagued my ability to communicate.

Blogcasting is a form of outreach to connect with the crisis veteran to offer methods of catalyst.  When the 11th hour of crippling panic sets in, blogs and widgets help those in crisis have the tools to communicate. Outpost 422 blogs are the backpack radio in the watchtower.

The Outpost 422 weekly show was granted through the Madison College Clarion General Manager of Broadcast position. Outpost 422 was branded through the Launch Your Business six-week entrepreneur summer program prior to launch. The WordPress branding was developed through the Social Media Writing Course and is now an entry to the Madison College Challenge 2020.


The Outpost 422 priority is to serve active duty and veterans who are faced with crisis to offer an opportunity to find their way out. The primary job is to connect indirectly by establishing trust.  The main goal is to provide as many chances to succeed as possible. Between broadcast, documentary, blogs and testimony, the odds greatly increase through social media connects.

As General Manager of Broadcast, ethics is the top priority, by meeting the inspection of the viewing audience. Being gunned down in a guard tower in Port au Prince one night severely changed my life—my on-air story. Talking about it through case study research opens portals to healthy living.

Transitioning from the Madison VA into college has been overwhelming at times. Outpost 422 is the campus watchdog look out surveying the needs of those who are needing extra help. Blogs and podcasts converge on our WordPress website to distribute information.

Outpost 422 weekly broadcasts at focus on the one listener who may need to hear the words from someone who was there. Overwhelming chaos and intrusive thoughts take every ounce of energy to overcome. I certainly hope all who listen will also interact through blog comments and connect with our listeners at our Facebook page available in the widgets section at Outpost 422. Thank you all for your continued support.


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