The UW Whitewater Blog cast Catharsis Case Study to Research COVID-19 Trauma Coping Mechanisms

What are we going to do?

First off, give yourself a break and get situated. We know, you left your pictures of your wife and kids at the office, your colleague has had to relocate from COVID-19 unemployment, your roof is leaking and your not quite sure what to do next. Try checking in on our website and give blog casting a try.

Blog casting takes you on a journey to take you out of your head. Welcome to the journey in the mind of the COVID-19 Madison College Clarion Radio General Manager of Broadcast. We are teaching you mechanisms used in combat to quell anxiety and depression.

Outpost 422 is your sanctuary of trauma informed hope.

Our mission is to connect with you to help you carry your trauma crux. We can fight COVID-19 together with hope and courage to see this through. You are the catalyst. You are the future of this case study. We need your imput to care for those who cannot care for themselves.

Stay the Course.

Take this time to give yourself a break. Take your time. Scroll, listen and engage on our widgets that connect you to Facebook pages for immediate support. The Outpost 422 broadcast at Madison College featured in our experimental footage is available on Mondays at 1 p.m. CDT.

The Witching Hour Catharsis Case Study.

We are surveying the effects of death metal on trauma informed listeners. Metal Max is our critic who helps you decide what songs to pick and choose.

Go to his website at: Ask Metal Max

Thank you for supporting the Madison College Clarion broadcast and news source. We are up and running and will be keeping you informed on our SoundCloud to keep our station rolling through. You are our listeners and we love you. Overcome the Impossibility of COVID-19 and tune in by clicking on the “CR” logo on our widget section.



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