Madison VA social workers assist qualifying veterans with navigating services

Are you at risk of homelessness during the latest COVID-19 American crisis? Here are some helpful links to get you through.

September 2018, the bottom fell out. Social Security denied my last appeal and was represented by a prestigious law firm who guaranteed I would win. The Veterans Administration would not budge on my appeal, but the final devastating blow happened when Financial Aid at Madison College ripped $3,800-worth of much needed rent money away from me. Walking a mile in the shoes of homelessness and despair is never easy. Going back to school is never a guarantee, yet the Wisconsin G.I. Bill and FAFSA are still options if you are honorably discharged.

What am I to do if I fall on financial hardship? Call 1-877-4-AID-VET.

The following links will help loved ones navigate and locate information to pass along. The Veterans Administration provides research and respite programs to assist with guidance.

Veteran homelessness during COVID-19 does not translate to hopelessness. Treatment and assistance are available. 

If you are having thoughts of suicide, Building 22 at the William S. Middleton VA offers Cognitive Processing Therapy. Hope and the light to revitalization are only a phone call away at the Veterans Crisis Line. Dial 1-800-273-8255 Press 1. The operators will help you navigate where to turn.

Porchlight is located at 306 N. Brooks St. in Madison, Wisconsin. The phone number is (608) 257-2534

Although outreach and wait times are causing confusion, reaching out to local services help with getting acquainted. Be sure to register with the Dane County Veteran Service Officer while waiting for opportunities to open up to receive help.

The Dane County Service Office:

210 Martin Luther King Dr.

Madison, WI 53705

(608) 216-4568

Once the veteran is enrolled in the VA, social workers can help them track their progress and connect them with community services. Reaching out to the William S. Middleton Hospital social workers open the door to revitalization during COVID-19 hardship.

Knowledge is power. Please pass the information along and leave a comment if you would like more information or would like to express concerns.