Overcome Impossibility: A Service Officer’s journey as an Adult Student pursuing the field of multimedia journalism

The Crux and the Crucible

As a returning student later in life, the hardships I face in the learning environment turn disastrous with the drop of a dime.
Not knowing where to turn with distance learning will lead to panic, which led me to my UW Whitewater WINS account to switch my class grade to Credit/No Credit options. What will happen to me next is uncertain. Will I lose financial aid? Will I be required to work a part-time job? Better yet, can you imagine what will happen next if seniors don’t graduate and our class options cause us to take a withdrawn until upper-class members finish school?

For you as the reader, can you fathom what is happening to the University of Wisconsin holistically?

Outpost 422 offers tricks to becoming successful despite uncertainty. Weathering the storm starts with communication and the blog service is your watchtower. The crux develops from the crucible and the narrative starts with microinsults that must be reported, recorded and journaled. The Outpost 422 blogs are an exhibit of class projects and occurrences when dealing with microaggressions. Be cautious, considerate and for God’s sakes, use your brain when collaborating accommodations with professors. Cut them some slack.

The Narrative

As a veteran who receives free tuition through the Wisconsin G.I. Bill, I have no fear, which plays into why I am pursuing journalism as my major. Multimedia journalism across the globe spreads like wildfire with social injustice. Madison College opened the door through the Journalism Certificate Program, where the pilot for Outpost 422 began. The storytelling of the Outpost shares features from vets who served in America’s classrooms and outposts as light fighters.

Report Panic Attacks to Your Disability Coordinator.
Requesting accommodations oftentimes leads to combative exchanges with members of the university. There will be times when you trouble the flow of lecture presentations. Learn to write your thoughts out instead of getting confrontational. The key to impulse control starts with self-regulation.


Writing out your thoughts and analyzing rhetoric commonly found in environmental microaggressions will open up doors to journaling events. A small pocket recorder protects your college investment.  Microaggressions crop up when asking for accommodations. Be vigilant when uncovering them. The 11th hour pops up the minute micro assaults rear their ugly head. You are the detective. Record them, journal them and wave them around on display for the next person who is unaware they exist. They will write your Gonzo ringside story.

October 23, 2020 10:56 a.m.

After accepting the position of American Legion Dane County Service Officer, my first mission will be microaggression analysis and observation amongst posts. Do expect an email when telling members “to grow some thick skin” who air their grievances. On campus, I will be conducting a communications survey and analysis to develop microaggression awareness campaigns. Speech develops intrusive thought. Speaking down to someone for having disability and special requests will land a complaint consultation here at the outpost. Microaggressions amongst the younger generation get phased out through cancel culture. Respect collects rewards.

The Journey

As a Service Officer in the classroom, opportunities arise when conflict spreads like wildfire. Distance learning stresses everyone out. The outpost looks out through an objective lens to report through blogs.

The Journal

The Fall 2020 Experience journals offer outlets to all viewers who are in crisis. The goal with journaling through the experience opens minds afflicted by the Veil of Ignorance. Objectivity and collaboration share positive and negative experiences for all who relate. The journal seeks grant funding for undergraduate research to develop corporate employee assistance strategies, survey data collection, sample vouchers and Q and A panelists.

The Fall 2020 Experience

I am attending UW Whitewater and Madison College to write the business plan for the next venture as a data collection agency. Small Business Development Live Plan updates made weekly will open funding opportunities in pursuit of a mobile multimedia studio. The internship starts at Madison College and ends with Corporate Communication. This week’s Audio Production I project sought to tackle a new item on the spectrum eye charts called “Computer Vision Syndrome.”

Please keep an eye out for the 20-20-20 Rule. After tacking Adobe Audition and meeting with my professor off hours who graciously went above and beyond, I present to you the audio for Outpost 422. Our next phase in blogcasting seeks the listening ear for survey for calming mechanisms. The joy of stress develops through fruits of labor. The crux developed through the journey of the crucible weighs heavily on the merits of the narrative. Synchronous learning is strenuous. The challenge of taking a Satisfactory/ No Credit saves GPA, but creates flux in the flow for the next student in line when taking courses over again.

The purpose of the Outpost 422 project as a brainstorm service seeks to address ad hoc solutions regarding campus protection for administration and faculty from harm and protect your rights as a student. Please comment below for tips and advice or email our pressroom at bobcobbfreepressink@yahoo.com to share your Satisfactory/No Credit feature story. One testimony can change the outcome of the University of Wisconsin. We are a conflict resolution revitalization service.

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