Whitewater Student Government meets virtually to address options on behalf of students addressing ongoing COVID-19 virtual organizing

President Jody Wentworth expressed frustrations with her organization reiterating Senator committee representation November 9, 2020.

The Whitewater Student Government collectively bargains on behalf of students who are seeking change on campus. As residence halls begin to vacate November 20, Senators receive warning by Pres. Wentworth who are not showing up to committee meetings. Director of Student Affairs Jaida Shallaugh focuses on distributing information without in person meetings, while Director of Academic Affairs maintains Satisfactory No Credit negotiations facing COVID-19 campus virtual membership vacancy.

The Whitewater Student Government organizes change on campus centrally focused on addressing student grievances. The organization seeks to impact University of Wisconsin Whitewater online dealing with campus social distance restrictions for meetings in room UC 259. Pres. Wentworth faces the challenges student present as the voice of the organization to ensure the student voice gets heard.

Madison College offers opportunities for students to virtually showcase projects for corporate social responsibility

Madison College seeks students who go above and beyond as leaders to bring projects forward for virtual showcase display starting December 3, 2020.

Outpost 422 corporate social responsibility seeks to assemble a Madison College University of Wisconsin philanthropy to combine the Center for Entrepreneurship with the Journalism Certificate Program. Bradley J. Burt shares his journey utilizing the Wisconsin G.I. Bill to overcome the impossibility of surviving by going back to school. Outpost 422 offers resources Burt shares with veterans in crisis as a WordPress administrator for the Sacred Warrior Search and Rescue Foundation.

The Madison College Virtual Showcase submission ends November 22, 2020. Burt continues to develop a Live Plan philanthropy business plan through the Small Business Development Course through the Madison College Center for Entrepreneurship. Corporate Employee Assistance Programs helped him win his appeals while journalism writing opened portals to overcome the impossibility of surviving in school.

COVID-19 impacts the Warhawk Vote outreach Friday before the presidential election

High noon Friday before the presidential election at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater ramps up students to vote and become active with civic duties.

The Political Science department works with the Whitewater Student Government through a campaign called “Warhawks Vote” utilizing the Hamilton Room for public speaking and tabling. The Hamilton Room at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater hosts events for students and voters to attend. COVID-19 cancelled the event creating flux on campus by sending the long standing tradition to campaign online.

Journalism majors take on the task of answering the call on campus to cover Election Day events for News Reporting for Media. The flux between Political Science and Journalism covers the territory between all branches of the Constitution including the fourth estate. COVID-19 event cancellations continue to challenge both fields with social distancing, limited interaction on campus, left to the means of being creative, innovative and collaborative when covering the election.