COVID-19 impacts the Warhawk Vote outreach Friday before the presidential election

High noon Friday before the presidential election at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater ramps up students to vote and become active with civic duties.

The Political Science department works with the Whitewater Student Government through a campaign called “Warhawks Vote” utilizing the Hamilton Room for public speaking and tabling. The Hamilton Room at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater hosts events for students and voters to attend. COVID-19 cancelled the event creating flux on campus by sending the long standing tradition to campaign online.

Journalism majors take on the task of answering the call on campus to cover Election Day events for News Reporting for Media. The flux between Political Science and Journalism covers the territory between all branches of the Constitution including the fourth estate. COVID-19 event cancellations continue to challenge both fields with social distancing, limited interaction on campus, left to the means of being creative, innovative and collaborative when covering the election.

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