Whitewater School of Broadcasting Rites of Passage—the Bucky Beer Commercial

Spring of 2020, the Electronic Media Writing Course at UW Whitewater introduced Audio Production I. After finishing the ad campaign final project, the thought of “wouldn’t it be cool to write copy and produce commercials” led to enrolling in the Audio Production I Course.

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Audio Production I offers students an opportunity to pursue a career in the Electronic Media Emphasis field as Communication majors. Outpost 422 tracks every step of the Wisconsin G.I. Bill journey offering samples of the experience. The project assists all who transfer from the Madison College Journalism Certificate completion to collaborate during their UW Whitewater Communications major pursuit. Veterans and students come together to help each other sharpen their skills when projects require Adobe software to complete projects. Tutorials and Practicum opportunities help students find the answers to software riddles on the Outpost 422 Multimedia Resource Center Facebook page. 

The Whitewater School of Broadcasting offers students Practicum opportunities to host shows on-air. The Andersen Library rooms offer back up studio, labs, recording studios and more.



The Bucky Beer Commercial offers a fun and rewarding experience. The project opened up the opportunity to run wide open with Adobe Audition 2020 software to record, mix and produce a 60-second commercial to engage students who work from home. The uniqueness of virtual off-campus projects in Audio Production I challenge students to get creative with recording.

Through tutorials and lavalier microphones, a radio commercial is born. COVID-19 in the broadcast field challenges journalists to work as a collective to offer new methods to keep the audience informed. Audio Production I challenged students this semester to go outside of conventional studios to get the job done.