Zaroni’s owner makes paying forward to the community through food bank and blood drive first priority on Thanksgiving Eve

Oshkosh, Wisconsin local pizza and macaroni restaurant collects and delivers donated food while hosting a blood drive on Thanksgiving Eve.

Jon Doemel’s passion for community service offers the Oshkosh community solidarity and hope during the holidays as COVID-19 continues to quarantine families on Thanksgiving.

COVID-19 continues to surge leaving local restaurant owners questioning the future of business success. Zaroni’s A Macaroni and Pizza Pub serves double orders of good faith and charity to those who are quarantined and hospitalized by offering discounts for food and blood donations. The Community Blood Center of Oshkosh RV sets up in the Zaroni’s parking lot, while Account Manager Lisa Koeppel works with Doemel’s business to keep up with supply and demand as the 2020 Thanksgiving holiday approaches.

Zaroni’s owner Jon Doemel continues to work with his staff and community supporters to collect donations and host blood drives. As Doemel’s family centrally collects donated items at his restaurant, curbside donators offer to help. Doemel’s discounts, volunteer opportunities and announcements continuously update on the Zaroni’s Facebook page inviting patrons to come forward and pitch in.