University of Wisconsin-Whitewater international journalism major starts campus multimedia over watch mission to impact those suffering from COVID-19 virtual setbacks

Disabled veteran returns to school facing challenges as a nontraditional student to overcome the impossibility of winning appeal.

Bradley J. Burt builds a social media watchtower through multimedia outreach by combining all fields of journalism under a brand called “blog-casting.” Blog-casting assists corporations who offer veterans employee assistance programs, which helped Burt win his appeals. Outpost 422, Burt’s Social Media Writing Course final project, takes on the challenges veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder face, by creating an internship outlet at Madison College to collect data, find resources and find a place to intersect with Burt’s WordPress portfolio.

The News Reporting for Media Course at University of Wisconsin Whitewater requires students to build a broadcast reel for their final class project. Bradley J. Burt’s development started at Madison College in the Practicum 2 Course as a consortium transfer in Fall of 2019. Burt combined courses from UW Whitewater with the Madison College Journalism Certificate Program, which operates as a crisis blog outreach reporter.

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Bradley J. Burt takes the viewer on a journey to uncover resources to help those who are utilizing employee assistance programs. Information blog-casted helped Burt win his Veterans Administration appeal. The Outpost 422 Multimedia Center evolves UW Whitewater undergraduate research to create a prototype for virtual off-campus case studies.

Outpost 422 Samples

COVID-19 impacts the Warhawk Vote outreach Friday before the presidential election – Outpost 422

Whitewater Student Government meets virtually to address options on behalf of students addressing ongoing COVID-19 virtual organizing – Outpost 422

Zaroni’s owner makes paying forward to the community through food bank and blood drive first priority on Thanksgiving Eve – Outpost 422

Madison College offers opportunities for students to virtually showcase projects for corporate social responsibility – Outpost 422

Madison VA social workers assist qualifying veterans with navigating services – Outpost 422

The Weird Turn Pro—COVID 19 Distance Learning Assignment for Investigative Journalism at Madison College – Outpost 422

Burt created the Sacred Warrior Search and Rescue Foundation in Fall of 2020 through the Madison College Small Business Development Course to locate grants for those who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Outpost 422 develops on-campus QR voucher assistance through Veterans Choice and private care options. The 501 c 3 funds the Outpost 422 Multimedia Center seeking angel investors and board members to offer clinical trials on University of Wisconsin campuses.