So begins the University of Wisconsin Whitewater class project to establish a virtual buddy check for Dane County

Convergence is on the rise in the social media industry. Fans share footage with journalists who meet veterans and those who serve on the frontline of COVID-19. But what about your American Legion Post? Where do you draw the line when you attend a “Buddy Check” call? As a person who steps up by meeting in-person as an ambassador of the American Legion, where do you know where to step? Social distancing virtual communication networks come in handy. Over watch shared footage helps build blogging for outreach, which avoids getting our members sick by connecting through a social media administrator.

Liability is at stake. Where do you look to when working with at-risk or at-large veterans? The County Veteran Service Officer.

The following scenario happened to an American Legion Post following Buddy Check orders:

Veteran calls from the Madison VA hospital, says he needs the Post Service Officer to go do his grocery shopping, when COVID-19 sees record spikes in their county. Your Second Vice Commander calls and orders you to go help the guy, even though you know handling someone else’s check card may cost the Post it’s reputation. You tell your Second Vice Commander to have them stop at the Madison VA Social Worker to check in before they leave because of COVID-19 hospital programs who will help them.

None-the-less, your Second Vice Commander throws a fit and slams the phone who thinks all of the quarantine is a hoax. The Service Officer maintained the Post Facebook page on-call 24/7 as a service to the Post. By utilizing blogs, hyperlinks and shared data, the Service Officer worked from home to connect with several hundred veterans at once.

The following Virtual Buddy Check network will connect you at Outpost 422. We are taking you on a historical American veteran journey during a time of confusion during the 11th hour of crisis impact due to COVID-19 and unemployability. The American Legion of Wisconsin works through their Engage 22 foundation, which centers around outreach.

Please take a moment to reflect at this point in your veteran journey and connect to the Outpost 422 multimedia center if you are in crisis. You will be directed immediately to our director who will connect you with the American Legion, VFW and DAV to assist you. Reach out to the Veterans Crisis Line anytime. Open the pantry door at 1-877-4-AID-VET, and check in with your County Service Officer.

Due to backlog of  VA appeal, we are conducting a communications experiment at University of  Wisconsin Whitewater to allow Veterans Choice on campus. The Buddy Check Program, Engage 22 and the American Legion brand are not affiliate with any claims made on this site. The Service Officer who belongs to all three organizations shares information as a segue service. The blog is the buddy check. As we work to develop American Legion Zoom meetings, work virtually to stop the spread, think about all who are affected in the event a buddy check may put your comrades at your Post in the line of fire during COVID-19.