Webhawk veteran student passes on Chapter 31 benefit email information provided by Veteran Services Benefits Coordinator

UW-W Veteran Services Benefits Coordinator sent out an email to student veterans Friday February 5, offering information regarding the Veterans Administration’s Chapter 31 benefit.

Students who qualify for Chapter 31, also referred to as “Veterans Readiness and Employment (VRE),” receive an opportunity to explore careers with an assigned counselor. Eligibility requirements listed on VA.gov help the student veteran determine who qualifies. Links found on the VA.gov website help navigate additional resources.

“The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is taking steps to provide eligible veterans with at least a 20 percent service-connected disability to access Veteran Readiness and Employment (VRE) services,” Benefits Coordinator Amy Moore stated.

Veterans with a disability rating of 20 percent or more should contact the Veteran Services office to inquire about next steps. Service-connected disability refers to an injury or impairment stemming from a VA approved diagnosis related to military service. Individuals must first receive diagnosis and rating as a prerequisite for Vocational Rehabilitation.

Once diagnosed through a VA claims decision, a County Veteran Service Officer or Veteran Services Benefit Coordinator on campus can assist. Moore is asking student veterans on campus to relay information about the program. The VRE services offered through the VA help the veteran receive additional resources to succeed in school.

“These services can often go above and beyond the services provided by the G.I. Bill,” explained Moore.

Careers and employment links found on the VA.gov website take viewers on a journey to visit additional resources. Chapter 31 addresses the student veteran’s needs for training, which eventually explore employment options by leading the student through college choices. Additionally, services offered may be granted to eligible family members who may also qualify for selected benefits.

Moore’s email sent out to student veterans offered bulleted information outlining program bonuses. VRE services open doors to success in school avoiding unforeseen circumstances with the help of a counselor when a student veteran enters the program. VRE benefits provided offer:

  • 100 percent paid tuition.
  • 100 percent paid fees.
  • 100 percent paid books and supplies.
  • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater parking permit.
  • Specialty supplies.
  • A stipend for a new computer.
  • Priority health care including dental at the VA Hospital or VA Clinic.
  • Special federal hiring incentives for employment extended beyond standard veteran’s preference.
  • Additional Basic Housing Allowance (BAH) post-graduation while seeking employment.
  • Employment placement assistance.

Moore invites all who are interested in learning more about applying for Chapter 31 benefits to visit the VA.gov application website. Student veterans on campus can reach out to the Veterans Services Office by accessing information provided on the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater website. Moore hopes information will connect with all student veterans.