Service Officer attending the University of Wisconsin Whitewater invites viewers to tune in to Webhawk News

The Wisconsin G.I. Bill offers Service Officer the chance to build a social media watchtower for veterans doubling as a class project for Webhawk News.

The Outpost 422 journey began through the Madison College Challenge in 2019. The service began when the Center for Entrepreneurship offered a class called “Launch Your Business.” The service started out as a campus veteran guardian mission to report breaking news leads to campus security during crisis situations.

The Outpost 422 class project then became the Clarion General of Manager of Broadcast’s show to connect campus veterans with case study information for research projects. As a consortium student attending both Madison College and UW Whitewater, courses converged with veteran organizations to support crisis resolution social media campaigns.

The General of Manager of Broadcast doubled as an American Legion Adjutant, Historian, Service Officer, Public Relations Chairperson, VA and R Hospital Post relay, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post Service Officer and Lifetime member of the Disabled American Veterans. The mission sought to create recruiting opportunities on campus to offer veterans resources to succeed.

The Outpost 422 program development as a consortium entry in the Madison College Challenge of 2020, shared information for students, faculty and administrators who tuned in to try strategies used in combat to stay grounded while stay-at-home orders for COVID-19 had everyone confined to quarters. The General Manager of Broadcast would need to think of a new strategy to connect with veterans.

Madison College offered a chance to connect with both UW Whitewater Warhawks and Wolfpack students through the first Clarion account. The service transferred to the Center for Entrepreneurship Spring of 2021 to be used as a mechanism to connect with all struggling with Post COVID-19 Stress Disorder through a method called “Blog-casting.”

Webhawk News graciously offered Outpost 422 the chance to implement the guard tower reporting service as a class project. Dr. James Kates oversees the progress of the Journalism for the Web 347 course allowing the Blog-cast to distribute information to our veteran benefit niche audience. The Outpost 422 service supports the VFW, American Legion and DAV to connect with at-risk veterans and their family during the 11th hour of crisis.

You are cordially invited to join the Operation: Greenspace mission being developed in the Small Business Marketing Course at Madison College this semester. All you need to do is upload found footage, blogs, sources, commentary, requests or anything related to helping at-risk veterans find services through businesses and organizations who support them to the Outpost 422 Facebook page.

The mission started out as an answer Purdue University’s call to help the homeless. The 422nd Rescue and Recovery Brigade hosts all the social media over watch services. The result will seek to establish the Sacred Warrior Search and Rescue Foundation to assist all who struggle in times of crisis to treat their trauma with the same treatment veterans receive.