E-seed Veteran Entrepreneur Course at Fox Valley Technical College provides 10th Mountain Division Service Officer the tools to start up Operation: Greenspace

10th Mountain Division veteran Bradley Burt seeks board of directors and corporate investors to assemble a website for a Capitol at-risk veteran checkpoint starting April 28.

As a veteran student who attends the University of Wisconsin, Fox Valley Technical College and Madison College as a consortium student, Burt seeks to apply for startup grants to fund a monthly interactive newsletter to write and report about the needs of clients.

The Sacred Warrior Search and Rescue Foundation works to establish the 422nd Rescue and Recovery Brigade State Street Mission as a guardian angel task force.

Operation: Greenspace is the cooperative newsletter consisting of panhandlers, buskers, and those who are seeking to record cellphone footage for website storytelling.

The following press release addresses Burt’s journey in search of a $25,000 Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs nonprofit grant in September.

For press inquiries: email centaurfivedelta@yahoo.com

Burt will be pitching his proposal to 1 Million Cups Appleton on Wednesday April, 28 at 9:30 a.m. Interested sponsors, angel investors and board candidates have until July 31st to apply. Platinum sponsors receive advertising on global cooperative newsletter. Please leave a comment or fill out a request form on the brigade guard tower contact page.


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