Outpost 422 launches interactive Kiva campaign through community inclusivity and awareness over watch at Operation: Greenspace

Operation: Greenspace tackles discrimination through Kiva inclusivity campaign. 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is not exclusive to veterans who served after Post 9/11.

Exclusivity is an ongoing problem with the veteran community hanging onto military adversarial micro aggressive habits condoned while in service.

Veteran organizations create niche markets singling out individuals based on discharge.

The ongoing problem amongst veteran organizations stems from a lack of accountability.

Not all who serve deploy to hot zones, and even when individuals do, members from prior wars endorse campaign discrimination. Campaign discrimination creates hierarchy amongst veteran organizations who haze members who did not serve in wars like Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Sadly, the veteran also receives hazing from professors who tote an anti-war-anti-American-pro-communist agenda. Organizations turn the blind eye to the ongoing problem who choose not to get involved.

Is this how we thank each veteran for their service? Free education and hazing?

The battle wages on with anxiety and depression having nowhere safe to turn.

Where does a veteran turn when exclusivity robs them of their right to receive equal benefit from membership of both the university and the organization?

The complexity of hazing starts with singling members out. 

Majority of veterans hide their mental health condition worried about receiving hazing from speaking out about receiving discrimination.

Exclusivity triggers Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Outpost 422 founder Bradley Burt’s experience as a Service Officer witnessed Commanders of the American Legion tell him to “grow some thick skin” after addressing Executive Committee regarding concerns about membership inclusion.

Outpost 422 works as an inclusivity auditing agency.

As a student veteran blog reporting website, the organization seeks to write a press release mandating all veteran organizations file inclusivity reports by both the Commander and the Adjutant.

Campaigning and outreach stop the stigma amongst the veteran community. The time is up. We can no longer tolerate the hazing of members who talk about having Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

Hazing is against the law and immoral.

Drop us a line in the contact section if you are being hazed by a veteran organization and we will gladly investigate by contacting your Post.

Join our mission at Operation: Greenspace. Unity cultivates inclusivity and need not grow thick skin for your injuries suffered in service.

The Solution. 

Create a 501 c 3 full dress inspection through discretionary audit and interview each member of the Post with 21 questions.

As a guardian, the persons uploads the footage to our Operation: Greenspace home page and show examples of how not to behave as a veteran.

Outpost 422 inspects each inclusivity audit with a West Point General George Washington cross examining of a witness. The individual must undergo a 90-day observation through our blogs on the Operation: Greenspace inclusivity training website.