University of Wisconsin-Whitewater student veteran plans campaign to collect archive to investigate Lieutenant Jerome A. Volk’s crash site

Outpost 422 seeks to assemble a strategic planning committee to launch interactive social media archive campaign.

On Memorial Day of 2021, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1318 Service Officer Bradley Burt announced the campaign to bring home Wisconsin POW MIA through his senior Capstone class project on the Outpost 422 Facebook page.

Burt treats Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by investigating stories about those who are missing-in-action to help their families find closure.

Burt seeks to attend conventions to display archived documents and work with a street team through his social media digital marketing campaign class project starting June 21st at Madison College.

The Sacred Warrior Academic Search Mission 

Burt’s Senate Bill 446 Webhawk News final class project lit the fuse to investigate and reseurrect stories of those still missing from the Korean War conflict.

The Outpost 422 campaign Facebook page seeks historians and documentarians to help investigate Korean War missing-in-action starting with Lieutenant Jerome A. Volk.

Lieutenant Volk’s last known whereabouts:

Lieutenant Jerome Volk returned to duty after flying P-51 Mustangs in World War II. Volk returned to the Korean War conflict to fly the first jets to come out of the previous war. Volk’s P-80 Shooting Star went down after being strafed by enemy artillery fire on November 7, 1951 who remains listed as, “dead while missing.”

We need your help locating lost documents.

Outpost 422 seeks to collect, inspect, and collaborate with the Volk family and The Wisconsin Air National Guard to digitally archive material through blogs as an interactive campaign.

The next phase of the blog-cast mission seeks to wrap the Outpost 422 archive cargo van through Madison Graphics to launch Operation: Greenspace.

The Operation: Greenspace Campaign Brings the Story to Life.

Starting June 15th 2021, the Outpost 422 search mission will seek to assemble recruits for the Operation: Greenspace scavenger hunt to locate footage and documents. Items will be scanned and vetted by the Volk family for publishing purposes.

Once footage receives approval, documentary provided through the Autumn Landmine Productions screening will accredit all footage to rightful owners with rewards for joining the mission.

The social media smart device over watch sends the message we never leave the mission to locate our POW MIA.

The call to our nation’s missing starts by sending your files to