The next phase of the Outpost 422 brand development and recent happenings with the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars tampering with the brand

Outpost 422 is an ongoing documentary about the journey of a Service Officer who utilizes the Wisconsin G.I. Bill to help those who are at-risk find resources.

July Brand Report

A complaint filed with Wisconsin Department of the Veterans of Foreign Wars noted the forgery of the Outpost 422 Service Officer’s report submission by Past State Commander and National Council Member Gundel Metz.

The report outlined the next phase of development to bring decommissioned smart phones to homeless shelters to offer access to VA Mindfulness virtual services in Dane County.

As Post Newsletter Editor-in-chief, Metz did not allow for the Post Service Officer report to be published who wrote up her own report and altered Post documents.

Metz forged Post Service Officer Brad Burt’s name on a report she created. Metz’s first mistake failed to recognize Burt goes by Bradley J. Burt when publishing official documents, who also publishes all documents on behalf of the Outpost 422 brand.

The brand is his virtual Service Officer office.

The complaint was brought before the Department Judge Advocate Adam Wallace. Wallace followed up with a phone call after receiving the complaint and promptly sought to meet with Outpost 422 editor-in-chief who serves as the VFW Post 1318 Service Officer.

The same occurrence happened during the pandemic when American Legion Post 501 Commander Tom Stolarczyk tampered with Burt’s adjutant reports who made alterations to the Post Constitution and Bylaws.

The Post began updating their Constitution and Bylaws despite Past State Commander Bud Mautz’s 11-month hiatus as the Post Judge Advocate. Mautz refused to show up to Executive Committee meetings to avoid the pandemic.

The Judge Advocate enforces sanctions and alterations as a representative of the Constitution and Bylaws. Outpost 422 served Post 501 as both Historian and Public Relations Committee Social Media Outreach to make record of changes to allow the Judge Advocate to approve during the pandemic.

Both organizations received complaints at the department level who noted the limited scope the department has when dealing with rogue behavior by Posts.

Unfortunately, complaints filed with department organizations have limited scope as to what punishment can be handed down due to nonprofit filing status. Something must be done to change the scope of Post document tampering, which is the topic of discussion for this month’s report.

This month’s brand report shares the current harm caused by the VFW to the Outpost 422 brand. The brand was allowed to be used in reports of the past.

Wallace agreed to require Metz to publish a formal apology and to notify Post membership of the occurrence. As of 7/20/2021, the brand has yet to receive a formal letter from Metz apologizing for publishing a newsletter on behalf of the Post that was willfully forged as the editor.

Journalism integrity from editors seek to be transparent. Forgery is dishonest and is the unbecoming of a Past State Commander.

In closing, the brand is stepping into the next phase of development and will be a pilot program for transfer students who attend Madison College. The VFW must be held accountable when their brand attempts to silence another brand from issuing any press release for record keeping purposes.

Ultimately, as a veteran transfer internship, Outpost 422 cannot look the other way when Post membership abuse happens as a hazing mechanism by an executive officer. We are a guardian watchtower. The brand does not condone black hat behavior.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bradley J. Burt

Outpost 422 founder and editor-in-chief