Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1318 of Madison, Wisconsin Service Officer resignation to pursue corporate social responsibility philanthropy development

Dear members of Post 1318 of Madison, Wisconsin-

Thank you for appointing me to be your Service Officer over the course of the last two terms to help the Post transition through the pandemic.

I am notifying the Post I can no longer serve my duties. I will be pursuing the development of corporate social responsibility mindfulness blogger campaigns and cannot represent the VFW brand due to conflicts of interest with the Outpost 422 brand development.

The time spent working with all of you has helped me succeed in school. Your generous contributions to help our adopted 10th Mountain Division platoon in Afghanistan helped develop the fruits of becoming a mindfulness outreach center.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


Respectfully Submitted,


Bradley J. Burt

Service Officer

Veterans of Foreign Wars Marion C. Cranefield Post 1318 of Madison, Wisconsin

Veterans of Foreign Wars Marion C. Cranefield Post 1318 of Madison, Wis. Service Officer Report Post Membership Meeting August 2, 2021

As of August 1st, the Outpost 422 brand development turned the corner by meeting with the Principal of Appleton West to test drive a crisis outreach.

The goal for the month seeks to finish Social Media Marketing at Madison College and raise $50,000 to handle the legal fees, appraisal and accounting to bring the Appleton West High School J.P. Welsh Creative Writing Lounge business model to the Center for Entrepreneurship development at Madison College.

The AHS West J.P. Welsh Creative Writing Lounge Fundraiser (

Mindfulness Inclusion Campaigns

Bullying continues to speak adversity in public settings. This month’s report shares updates from progress being made to create a channel of inclusivity through recruitment at Outpost 422.

As a disabled student veteran, I see trouble brewing being a Journalism and Corporate and Health Communication double major as newly transferring students and veterans attend the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

The upcoming mindfulness inclusion campaigns integrate trauma informed students into honors students, student veterans on the verge of losing hard earned G.I. bill benefits into fearless scholars, and as a Phi Theta Kappa honors project, bringing hope into times of hopelessness.


The Sacred Warrior Search and Rescue Foundation seeks corporate investors to launch the first high school to university hardship rehabilitation program.

In order to address high school and college dropping out we must address adversity first. I have witnessed 14 faculty members from high school to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater use microaggressions, hostile learning environments, physical abuse, gaslighting, and gatekeeping to force children and veterans out of the academic system.

I will be leaving the Veterans of Foreign Wars to pursue building a bridge through Phi Theta Kappa to launch several corporate social responsibility conflict resolution campaigns through the Outpost 422 website as a corporate blogger.

The website is now a crisis conflict resolution center and will be turning into an inclusion and advocacy outreach call center through the use of the contact page located in the tool bar.

We are tackling impulsivity control with all who are trauma informed to promote mindfulness amongst coworkers, students, faculty, and administrators.

The time for change is now. We are launching our corporate lobby in 2023. Thank you for your support as I step back from my role as a Service Officer and step into the role of standing up to harassment and bullying.


Respectfully Submitted,


Bradley J. Burt

Veterans of Foreign Wars Marion C. Cranefield Post 1318 Service Officer