Scorn Valor upcoming research paper for University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Law of Mass Communication 420

On Dec. 17, the final research paper is due for the semester. The paper covers the role of the African American servicemember during the Vietnam War draft.

The paper examines the application of indirect prior restraint of Air Force prior servicemember Bobby Seale, who received backlash by Honorable Julius Hoffman in court.

Once graded, the necessary touch ups will be made and published at Outpost 422 and the Jaded Patriot Press.

The topic is jaded patriotism. Jaded patriotism is the assembly and organizing of a political independent press coalition, to distribute a protest resistance in a free society.

The independent press enlightens the people about their disparity of unequal treatment by the justice system and allows advocacy through ethical evaluation of the ongoing denial of due process during appeals, which allows the people the right to assume the position of protecting the First Amendment.

Seale empowered the people.

Hoffman could have postponed the trial. Instead, he choked out the voice of the Black Panther through multiple contempt charges.

  • Seale’s 16 contempt charges landed him a 48-month concurrent sentence for each charge.
  • Each three-month punishment resulted from Hoffman’s Sixth Amendment abuse of process that embarrassed himself as a judge.
  • The abuse of process committed by Hoffman balked with the prosecution, which ended up in appeal and landing in mistrial.

Hoffman destroyed 48 months of Bobby Seale’s life. Seale could not back down to a judge trying to silence his Ten-Point Plan. Ya dig?

Jaded patriotism protects the independent press. The independent press reported about Judge Hoffman assaulting the African American press.

The scorning of the African American servicemember’s valor developed into jaded patriotism in the press.

The jaded patriot research paper surfaces the ongoing need to enforce tighter regulations on judges by surveying Dr. John Rawls’ Doctrine of Double Effect through a jurisprudent contrast.

Historically accurate citations help understand the nature of systematic oppression knowing the low probability that African American appeals seldomly happened in federal court. Scorn valor ran through Seale’s veins enforced by contempt orders.

Scorn valor is the calloused heart of the servicemembers, who are the statistical disenfranchised means and never the ends amongst American veterans of all wars.

In summary, the paper takes on the issue of scorn valor, which defies all concepts of freedom and liberty experienced by the Black Panther Party of Self Defense. Bobby Seale received three days of torture, who deserved his right to due process, which includes his Sixth Amendment rights.

The paper takes the reader through a period of history when the Black Panther Party of Self Defense stood still, and America faced the troublesome dilemma of the Anti-Riot Act of 1968. The hyperlinks tell the truth accompanied by academic citiation to support the evidence of jaded patriotism.

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