End of Watch: The Last Outpost 422 American Legion Dane County Council Service Officer Report

I have been reunited with a dear friend from the Stephen Ministries group. We were commissioned together. He is definitely someone I consider a mentor.

We are helping each other cope through grief dealing with juvenile behavior by our loved ones who feel conflict is better than resolve.

My dear mentor is helping me locate resources through Faith Lutheran Church for those who are lost receive a consultation of available services. We are bringing the information forward through blogs and websites for the next journey with Outpost 422.

Tonight, I leave the field of Service Officer with the American Legion to create a business model for the Mission Act as a corporate capstone senior class project.

The Crisis Chaplain works as a liaison to those who recognize the Longhouse Religion and need VA services in the 11th hour of detox.

I am working with a POW MIA Cherokee shaman and Vietnam Veteran, who is praying for those who are missing so they can be found through the Sacred Warrior Search and Rescue Foundation “I Will Not Forget” and Outpost 422 website.

I suggested this video for dealing with ongoing suffering by selfish addicts who rob us of our essence and make everyone miserable.

Tony Robbins is a great communicator with people dealing with grief. Grief has no limit. I walked out on my abuser in June. She showed me how strong I am.

Setting boundaries led to our falling out.

You see, you cannot be with people who suck the life out of you by lying, cheating and doing illegal things behind your back when you are a long-term recovering VA painkiller statistic.

Honesty is the only policy.

My Stephen Minister training never goes away. I have a spiritual remedy for every abusive situation. Tony Robbins Is my guiding light. He uses words like “son-of-beyotch” and “motherfucker” to grab his audience.

He is my tribe.


Respectfully Submitted,



Bradley J. Burt

CEO-Outpost 422

American Legion Dane County Council

Service Officer