FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Admonishing those who politicize the POW MIA issue during election season

According to Gov. Tony Evers’ press specialist, the Republicans from the Joint Committee on Finance are solely responsible for rejecting Senate Bill 602, which would bring closure to Wisconsin POW MIA families, who did not bring the bill back to the Senate for a vote.

We need your help.

We, the student veterans of the University of Wisconsin and our support, are bringing awareness through the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Communication Department where our campaign launched.

We are an oratorical workshop creating a social responsibility task force through our POW MIA revitalization movement class project.

We cannot forget what our elected officials have done.


The “I Will NOT Forget” Campaign headquarters is our meeting of the minds for the next leg of the lobby journey. We are profiling the POW MIA through the student veteran experience through corporate and health communication as a second major.

The campaign seeks $2.5 million for funding the UW MIA Recovery and Identification Project, along with the development of a corporate citizen through Outpost 422.

The Senate Bill 602 Rejection Revitalization Movement

The campaign is my capstone for corporate and health communication. We are creating a corporate citizen to fund the University of Wisconsin Missing-in-action Recovery and Identification Project, which includes internships at both UW Whitewater and Madison College through Outpost 422.

Outpost 422 will conduct surveys for reporting to both the university and Veterans Administration about the veteran college experience as a Madison College honors project.

The following video is a virtual press release of my findings for my assignment with the Capstone Press at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Outpost 422 was the backpack journalism freelance multimedia reporting source.

The news feature segment of the video shared my findings and successfully pulled off a 95 percent in the Journalism Public Affairs Capstone 486 course completing the journalism major journey.

We have one class left, Independent Study 498, which is a workshop teaching those who blog how to report and research the POW MIA issue and bring the POW MIA into the arena of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Memorial Day 2022 Reflection

My entire childhood between ages 5-11 visited Highland Memorial Cemetery with my grandma on Memorial Day.

My Uncle Arlin maintained the family plot while grandma wept.

We visited her son Lee’s grave, who was killed in action during World War II. Her guilt and grief were heard in her stories.

She loved her boy.

I always thought Memorial Day belonged to Gold Star Mothers. That was until I met Volk’s niece, who shared his legacy and family ongoing dilemma with DPAA.

Now, I’ve come to understand more reform is required for bringing the POW MIA families ongoing news about the whereabouts of their loved ones. Collaboratively, both Gold Star Mothers and POW MIA families are our priority to tend to on Memorial Day.

As a veteran, I’m asking America to step up to the plate and help.

Continuously call your Wisconsin delegates and remind them of the rejection of Senate Bill 602 by the Joint Committee on Finance.

Tell them how disgusting it is for elected officials to politicize the POW MIA issue.

Slapping families with rejection during election season should be admonished and viewed as unethical.

Call up the American Legion, VFW and DAV and ask how you can volunteer in your community.

You can host POW MIA and Gold Star Highway cleanup efforts.

The sky is the limit.

Let your heart guide you with volunteerism and when you meet these families say to them “I Will NOT Forget” the sacrifice your family member made. You are important to me.


Respectfully Submitted,

Bradley J. Burt

CEO-Outpost 422