University of Wisconsin-Whitewater ‘I Will Not Forget’ journalism Independent Study 498 workshop


Fall semester 2022 presents the challenge of creating a POW MIA recovery workshop for part of the Independent Study 498 investigative journalism project.

We are attempting to locate a Wisconsin POW MIA pilot through an open records investigation of the Korean War impasse with North Korea. We seek his exact last known whereabouts.

The search and recovery investigation for First Lieutenant Jerome A. Volk kicks off on the third Friday in September, which honors POW MIA Recognition Day.

Prof. James Kates is the campaign advisor, who will assist with connecting the campaign with the federal government for DPAA open records retrieval. We are beginning the planning stages through the class project and setting up a Pay Pal treasury called “The Sacred Warrior Search and Rescue Foundation.”

The “I Will Not Forget” Facebook campaign page covers all events including expos and social responsibility development through the capstone pursuit with corporate and health communication.

The interactive documentary seeks contributors. Please share your thoughts and ideas as a collaboration on the campaign Facebook page.

For the final project, we will have a fully operational virtual command center for Outpost 422, which offers a Zoom workshop teaching contributors how to locate open records.

Together, we can persuade North Korea to bring home Volk with the help of the UW MIA Recovery and Identification Project.