Are you a student at the University of Wisconsin who needs help with multimedia projects? Outpost 422 is on the look out for you

Little did I know, upon transferring to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater from Madison College, the journalism courses I took at the community college prepared me for future success as a broadcast, print and web journalism major.

I was unaware of the obstacles ahead and want to warn all of you who are headed down the path of journalism reporting. Starting out at Madison College through the journalism certificate program is your best bet.

Madison College provides innovative multimedia training not offered at the UW.

As a student with a disability, faculty from the Madison College journalism department provided a tutor. I found out later that multimedia tutoring was not available at the UW.

You are on your own. 

The UW expects the journalism major learn complex storytelling technology in two weeks. A student with disabilities cannot compete.

The software was extremely complex and hard to learn at first, which took me an entire semester to learn through labs and tutoring at Madison College.

Madison College was my saving grace and hope you will join future workshops to save you too.

We are all in this together. I want to help you learn the tricks of the trade to get you the best grade.

During the completion of the interactive blog and podcast capstone, the opportunity arose, which allowed the use of this brand for creating an on-campus virtual convergent media workshop that will help students succeed.

Now that the capstone is in the books, this website is here to help you uncover the miracle of Adobe software storytelling as your virtual outreach in times of distress.

After successfully completing the major spring semester ’22, an opportunity was presented, which led to working with the capstone professor, who loves helping students succeed in the journalism field.

We are collaborating during the fall ’22 semester through the honors societies between both Madison College and UW Whitewater by providing a welcoming opportunity for those who are new to convergent media.

The website is in the process of developing a workshop seeking aid for those who struggle by creating an interactive training model for the Independent Study 498 course.

Upon taking courses like documentary storytelling and social media writing for the journalism certificate program, the labs were helpful, and the professors were top notch.

After interviewing key figures at both broadcast and print reporting outlets, I later learned the pandemic created new technologies and got to work manifesting convergent media into a registered trademark.

The interviews recalled one thing in common.

The major press outlets expect journalism majors possess the knowledge of these new technologies, which are captured on this website.

Outpost 422 is a backpack journalism training workshop seeking those in academic distress find their way out and was a pilot written for the Practicum 2 course.

The pandemic has converged all forms of reporting and storytelling into one method called “convergence.”

The new reporting methods from the pandemic require students the responsibility of learning Adobe software as a major requirement. The task is extremely difficult if you have no background or experience.

But there is a solution. 

Come join the interactive Outpost 422 Multimedia Resource Center on Facebook and reach out here in the meantime.

The page contains previous posts and blogs from items on YouTube and Linked In Learning that will help you succeed. Do not wait until the semester begins.

Start learning Adobe software right away. Convergent media standards in the media require proficiency usage and implementation of Adobe software for visual story telling.

Keep checking back for upcoming announcements and fill out the tool bar contact form if you need immediate assistance.