University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Independent Study 498 Strategic Planning Update: Convergent media student veteran investigates the whereabouts of returned POW MIA remains from North Korea

The following update reflects recent occurrences involving the next phase of the crowdsource and open records investigation of Korean War POW MIA.

Rolling Thunder Inc. Chapter 5, WI was removed from the future strategic planning operation being formed under the Outpost 422 registered trademark at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, which has launched a UWW blog for the investigative research project.

The Occurrence

On Saturday June 9, 2022, I reached out to Rolling Thunder Chapter 5, WI president and state liaison asking for help who shut me down.

I asked if it would be OK for Rolling Thunder Inc. national headquarters assist with connecting the outpost to the Department POW MIA Accounting Agency. I notified the chapter at the meeting a call was placed to Congressman Mark Pocan who has not returned my call.

After a post-membership meeting retaliatory conversation with the president, who expressed anger over published content on this website, I have resigned my membership.

I was unaware there was a problem. Either way, no organization has the right to restrict my publishing.

The Next Phase

The question I seek, “Where are the remains located from North Korea that were returned to the United States?”

The independent study 498 investigation is cold case and needs support. I am going through every nook and cranny with the Joint Senate and House Committee on Foreign Affairs and asking for an assembly of an ad hoc press subcommittee called “Outpost 422.”

The next phase of the journey excuses Rolling Thunder Inc. and the Veterans of Foreign Wars from any involvement due to recent occurrences.

Removal of Organizations

I admonish both organizations for tolerating abuse of authority that I have experienced by leadership on the state level.

The fourth estate of the Constitution protects free speech in the press. Those who attempt to shut down any publication of Outpost 422 from any organization are in violation of prior restraint.

The project picks up where the capstone left off and need help locating Wisconsin Air National Guard Pilot First Lieutenant Jerome A. Volk.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bradley J. Burt

CEO-Outpost 422