Letter to the Editor: Legionnaires from Marshall, Wisconsin, seek justice with American Legion Department of Wisconsin after being asked to leave the organization

The ongoing crucible in Dane County with Post 279 of Marshall, Wisconsin, is the see-saw argument at the county meetings regarding who is the commander and adjutant.

Dane County Commander Gerald Scallisi loses his cool on staff members who question why they were removed.

Caleb and Valar Rogers, Post adjutant and commander, were escorted out at county meetings, which I witnessed happening as a service officer. Nothing was brought before me other than a phone call by my commander stating the two were being removed.

“For what?” I asked. I was told this did not concern me, which immediately became suspicious I was cosigning to something criminal like what happened to me at Post 501 of Madison, Wisconsin, who thrusted me into the role of adjutant during the pandemic.


Featured from left to right, Caleb and Valar Rogers, two brothers from Marshall, Wisconsin, were both adjutant and commander of Post 279. The Post deals with shake ups from the American Legion state commander on down to the American Legion Dane County Commander Gerald Scallisi, who had them removed several times from county meetings accusing them of falsely reporting during roll call.

The future is uncertain for the two candidates. Caleb continues to reach out to leadership who tell him to join the department holding Post but refuses.

Caleb has attempted to publish the following letter to the editor with no luck. Both began a Post revitalization effort and received backlash from higher authorities in the organization.

Outpost 422 was a reporting agency to the American Legion. Our press has removed our reporting from this scandal.

The American Legion District 3 continues to ostracize and forcefully remove Caleb and Valar. Both are long-standing members with a family history leading the American Legion.

One of the two mentioned to me at a meeting they received death threats. Upon hearing this, the choice was made to finish out the term as service officer and remove the outpost from ever serving the Legion again.

The future is at stake for the organization. Although the two are public enemy number ones, the two continue fighting the good fight.