Press Release: Disabled veteran student quells hypervigilance by researching the POW MIA issue for class projects

Madison, Wisconsin—Outpost 422 CEO Bradley J. Burt’s class project became a registered trademark on March 15, 2022. His class project tracks his progress as a disabled veteran who received treatment from the Veteran Administration’s Cognitive Processing Therapy program.

The project started at Madison College through brand development with the Center for Entrepreneurship, which provides suicide awareness and adopted the 10th Mountain Division Bravo Troop 6-6 CAV, who is featured fighting in Iraq in the Netflix documentary “Apache Warrior.”

After completing the documentary storytelling course, Burt set out as a university backpack journalist introducing his trademark as a mechanism that helps those struggling with trauma find creative outlets. The trademark began by providing multimedia content to those overseas.

Burt’s blogger acts as the means for providing entertainment to the troops who visit his website Outpost, which tracks his writing progress dealing with brain trauma and provides examples of A+ graded papers for those pursuing a career in the writing field.

The trademark was featured in G.I. Jobs Magazine as one of the Student Veteran Leadership Award recipients in 2021. Burt is recognized as the first convergent media journalist at the University of Wisconsin.

Burt completed his convergent media capstone and is moving onto developing the capstone into an independent study and investigative journalism workshop that locates POW MIA open records through the Department POW MIA Accounting Agency.

Burt wrestles with ongoing barriers between both schools, who deals with retaliation at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Veterans of Foreign Wars and Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs.

Burt notified WDVA Secretary Mary Kolar regarding his interference received by Marines on campus that represent her organization. She continues to ignore Burt’s texts that relay the need for change.

Burt must seek Congress and the Veterans Administration in Wisconsin through the press, which addresses calling the parties forward, who are the recipients of complaints and cease and desist emails.

Burt’s requests seek the same VA accommodations he received at Madison College that the University of Wisconsin has ignored for three years. In 2021, Burt went without services after his social worker left for a different job.

The VA treats veterans short term, who are left vulnerable to intimidation and retaliation from their transfer schools who refuses them their VA care because the program is not authorized at the state level, according to vice chancellors and administrators.

When transferring from Madison College, where the Veterans Administration treats trauma on campus through the Veterans Integration To Academic Leadership program (VITAL), the university will not take accountability and allows student veterans from their VSO organization access to confidential information.

Burt was left unprotected at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, where administrators allowed the president of the Veterans and Servicemembers Organization the ability to interfere with the veterans service coordinator at the time, whose name is Richard Harris, which led to an outburst in the Anderson Library where Harris received administrative leave advocating for Burt’s services.

Burt seeks the support of all organizations for creating a universal program for treating trauma on all University of Wisconsin campuses. You would think his campus community would support his efforts, right? Wrong.

Despite all of the ongoing turmoil over transferring services, Burt seeks help from Congress with locating the returned remains from North Korea for his independent study 498 class coming up in fall that helps him cope with retaliation by the university. Honoring the POW MIA is a selfless act worth fighting.

Burt has attempted to work with state-level leadership at the Veterans of Foreign Wars and Rolling Thunder Inc., who falsely published documents and restrained him from sharing his experience in publication as their Post Service Officer, which is immoral.

All avenues have been exhausted.

Burt sought the VFW as an advocate on campus. Instead, representatives of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Rolling Thunder Inc., Student Veterans of America, Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, faculty and administrators are putting barriers in place that create cultural incongruity and social isolation on campus, which is against the law.

To the press, please pass the word along there is a major issue with intrusion at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Warhawk campus. Please fill out the contact form if you would like to schedule an interview.