Judge Chris Taylor’s Jaded Patriot Press and Outpost 422 denial for recording hearings and prejudice by the court

The following email was sent to the press for Gov. Tony Evers’ regarding the concerns for unconstitutional behavior by Judge Chris Taylor.

Gov Evers’ Press-

I am representing Mr. Jesse Schworck’s press team as his chief of staff. We are combining forces and are reporting to the governor of my intent to investigate his conflict of interest appointing the co-author of Assembly Bill 220 as the judge overseeing Mr. Schworck’s case.

I have recorded my voicemail I left you and did not provide you with my phone number as the message was cut off.

Judge Chris Taylor is in violation of two counts of prior restraint based on the unconstitutional “no recording and no recording device policy” at the Dane County Courthouse.

As of today, I am notifying the governor regarding his judge’s prejudice of my ability as a reporter to record her hearings for accuracy. The governor, as the executive of the State of Wisconsin quorum, is directly involved with the prior restraint.

Upon request, I asked the bailiff on August 22 for the standing gag order regarding the recording policy who stated, “No more from you. If you persist, I will have you removed.”

I am profiling corruption and abuse of process by both the Evers’ cabinet and Branch 12 nominee Judge Chris Taylor, who have a conflict of interest.

I plan on writing a writ of certiorari against both parties and ask the United States Supreme Justices recognize the unconstitutional enforcement of a policy without a standing gag order.


UW-W Blogs Gonzo-19: Lion of Judah Rastafari Church leader shares upcoming court appearances

Jesse Schwork, Lion of Judah Rastafari Church founder, obliged interview with the Jaded Patriot Press sharing details about upcoming court dates. Schworck pl…


The project is for my journalism independent study 498 course. I have included one exhibit declaring my merit as truth.

All of my businesses and class projects are in good standing as a student entrepreneur and registered trademark owner. I plan to move forward with impeachment if Gov. Tony Evers fails to respond to my request for his rebuttal.

Respectfully Submitted,


Bradley J. Burt

CEO-Outpost 422

Editor-in-chief/Founder of the Jaded Patriot Press

Chief of Staff for the Wisconsin Cannabis Warriors lobby

CEO-Bob Cobb Freelance Ink LLC

(608) 852-1983

I Will Not Forget Historical Archive: August 22 hearing letter to the judge requesting recording for documentary

On August 16, 2022, Lion of Judah Rastafarian Church Founder Jesse Schworck authorized the publication of the following letter to the judge overseeing his case.

Schworck is teaming up with the Outpost 422 brand and the Wisconsin Cannabis Warriors for his development of a philanthropy at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, which assists pandemic refugees overcome social isolation as a sacrament handler.

The letter to the judge represents truth in reporting as both brand and nonprofit for open records archive.

Hon. Chris Taylor

Dane County Courthouse

Branch 12

215 S. Hamilton St.

Madison, WI 53703


16 August 2022


Request for recording for Schworck’s philanthropy development


Dear Hon. Chris Taylor-


We, the members of the Wisconsin Cannabis Warriors press reporting agency through Outpost 422, request the use of recording devices for Jesse Schworck’s documentary. Schworck is an alumnus of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater starting up a virtual sanctuary and training philanthropy available to veterans and pandemic refugees dealing with post-pandemic social isolation issues.


Schworck is a representative of the free press and am requesting the use of recording devices as a multimedia journalist. The recordings are documentary deposition from his hearings and are for his permissive publishing use. Please contact me if you have any further questions regarding grounds for making an exception to your standing gag order. We will not be live streaming. Only using a camcorder and 35 mm Nikon camera for photos.




Respectfully Submitted,



Bradley J. Burt

Press Representative/Chief of Staff/CEO

Outpost 422 registered trademark and free press reporting source

Why I boycott the VFW and Rolling Thunder Inc.

OP-ED—My first trip to Vegas was in 2017. I was about to drop out of treatment for Cognitive Processing Therapy.

The Veterans Administration, through Building 22 in Madison, Wisconsin, could not honor my request with my employer for missing work.

I did not want to drop out and was left in despair knowing I had to return to work or face backlash from my employer.

On July 7, 2017, I quit my job and made the right choice. Stay in treatment and go back to college.

The program helped me work through intrusive thoughts and stay in the moment. Going to treatment was not easy and there is a price.

Sacrifice is the only solution if you are dealing with suicidal ideations.

The Reason for Boycott

The Op-ed discussion examines the poor moral code and leadership of organizations like Rolling Thunder Inc. and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Between falsely publishing my service officer documents and retaliation for standing up to a bully on campus, I strongly urge you to think twice before blindly donating or joining these groups.

Both groups believe their ideology will end veteran suicide. Yet, those advocating tolerate veteran abuse and have experienced their retaliatory ends that drive the need for publishing Op-eds.

Vegas is the answer to ending veteran suicide. We must provide vouchers instead of commercials paid for by fundraising with organizations like the VFW and Rolling Thunder Inc.

The groups condone bullying and intimidation, which include topics like campaign discrimination. The organizations are crude and use gang mentality for membership drives.

The eyewitness accounts of senior leadership could be best described as deplorable.

Post-treatment Reality

I took a trip to Las Vegas after quitting my job and draining my 401 k. My well-being from dealing with a toxic union took its final toll on me.

The members of my union harassed me for needing to use the employee assistance program that led to the commitment of ending my life in protest to the way I was being treated as an apprentice. The union I worked for acted like a cult.

For this reason, I am officially declaring Outpost 422 as a branded lobby, which will begin advocating through federal chief-of-staff status shutting down the bullying of veterans who seek mental health treatment in America.

Let’s just say I was tormented for seeking PTSD treatment and told to “grow some thick skin” by my area vice-president because I did not serve in country during Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan.

The truth? I answered the call of duty twice without hesitation and ended up in a quagmire handed down by the Clinton Administration.

The reality? Not only did my union treat me this way but both the VFW and Rolling Thunder Inc. did too.

25 years of readjustment

I want to share with you my experience as a service officer hoping you reach out to any other organization other than the VFW and Rolling Thunder Inc. when needing help in the 11th hour.

If you are currently in the 11th hour, please download the PTSD Coach app and let’s get you situated.

If you are a family member reading this, please download the app and learn about post-readjustment life and stop throwing “PTSD” around with your rhetoric. You are disenfranchising your loved one.

Later on, I found out the nature of the disorder stemmed from trauma bonding. I get angry when I see officers of the VFW making money off of veteran suicide campaigns who put us on the frontlines and killed us.

Especially when I try to speak up regarding the truth about the 22 and executives of these organizations do all they can to “decrease the number.”

What they don’t realize is veteran suicide and the symbolism of “22” is a bond. Those who commit suicide in Veteran Administration hospital parking lots do so in protest there is something wrong with the hospital’s treatment of veterans.

Cognitive Processing Therapy and Readjustment

April 17, 2017, is my alive day. After moving to Madison, Wisconsin, enrolling in school through the Veterans Administration and committing to readjustment, I began volunteering for veteran organizations like the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Little did I know I would get shanghai’d by both past WDVA Woman of the Year State Commander Gundel Metz and the State of Wisconsin Liaison for Rolling Thunder Inc, who conspire against my brand at the VFW Post 1318 in Madison, Wisconsin.

Today, I am speaking up hoping the next veteran like me who decides to move to Dane County doesn’t end up getting railroaded like I did.

Veteran suicide is a scientific variable regarding three obstacles: Stigma, cultural incongruity and feeling socially isolated. 


The Lion of Judah Rastafarian Church, Wisconsin Cannabis Warriors and Outpost 422 are teaming up for POW MIA inclusivity workshops hosted at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and Madison College. We help veterans readjust by discussing the last flight of 1st Lt. Jerome A. Volk. We connect all on campus through cultural incongruity awareness seeking a solution to UW Whitewater’s mistreatment of Madison College veteran transfers.

Veteran organizations like the VFW and Rolling Thunder Inc. are money hungry. 

What makes matters worse is when you see an organization bully veterans in one breath and talk about ending veteran suicide with the other.

As a Veterans Crisis Line survivor, I need no organization speak for me. I speak for my own through Outpost 422.

I will say this much. Had I not gone to Vegas and came back to treatment, I would not be alive today. You want to end veteran suicide? Start sending veterans to Vegas and let them become writers in college.

Through feature writing, we are treated and the best path to ending veteran suicide starts with a commitment to ending stigma.

May be an image of 1 person and text
The Ten-Point Plan is a commitment. The mission statement for the “I Will Not Forget” campaign puts inclusivity first by welcoming veterans on campus through publishing and discussing the POW MIA issue, share the peace of sacrament with inclusivity smoke circles and use class projects for locating those who are lost.

Gonzo journalism surveys fear and loathing. Through an examination of journaling fear and loathing the suicidal ideation appears.

Writing and meditation end veteran suicide quicker than any money-making VFW drive. The VFW is not friendly to vets like me.

I boycott both organizations because they back bullies. The past Service Officer blogs on this page reflect my truth.

PRESS RELEASE: Lion of Judah documentary filming at UW Whitewater

Burt, Bradley J, Sr

To: news@wkow.com

Fri 8/12/2022 12:36 PM


My name is Bradley J. Burt. I am currently filming a documentary about Jesse Schworck and the development of the Lion of Judah.

We are trying to raise awareness about the POW MIA and invited Aaron Rodgers to an interview at Starin Park on POW MIA Recognition Day.

The smoke out raises awareness for military cultural incongruity I have experienced on campus being a veteran with post-war disabilities.

I am meeting with the vice chancellor of student affairs addressing my college experience.

The documentary connects through Gonzo journalism, which is my portfolio for my multimedia freelance journalism workshops. The documentary is for the journalism independent study 498 course.

The topic is fear and loathing.

I have included several items I have trademarked through my intellectual property portfolio called Outpost 422. The class reporting outlet is called the Jaded Patriot Press.

All projects are a part of the independent study 498 portfolio and will be a national field reporter and newsgathering outlet, which started in 2020, covering convergence reporting attending both Madison College and the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater serving as the Madison College Clarion general manager of broadcast.

The following videos are excerpts from the upcoming documentary, which discuss Schworck’s upcoming hearing on August 22.

Gonzo-19 Documentary Press Release: The formation of the Wisconsin Cannabis Churches League cooperative – Wisconsin Cannabis Warriors


‘I Will Not Forget’ cultivates inclusivity divided between traditional and non-traditional ideologies

The “I Will Not Forget” campaign leaves no sacred warrior behind. As of January 1, 2023, thanks to wisvets.com, the Outpost 422 blogger will become a federal lobby.

May be an image of 1 person and text

This is a call to action seeking the dissolving of the veterans lounge at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, which removes Rolling Thunder Inc. and all Veterans of Foreign Wars members from conducting business on campus.

Members of both organizations have committed several restraints with publishing at Outpost 422. We are the resistance taking a stance against cultish behavior and hazing.

The federal lobby website officially opened through UW-W blogs and will develop photo slideshows and monumental flow code POW MIA murals for inclusivity, which doubles as a mandated reporting virtual outreach.

Please pledge to the campaign by endorsing our ten-point plan.

Respectfully Submitted,


Bradley J. Burt

CEO-Outpost 422

Press Release: Outpost 422 merges the Lion of Judah Rastafari Church with the Wisconsin Cannabis Warriors lobby creating superpac Cannabis activism network through the Sacred Warrior Search and Rescue Foundation

As of 12:53 p.m., August 6, 2022, I am declaring the Lion of Judah Rastafari Church my chaplain liaison and detox outreach subcommittee for the federal POW MIA lobby in Washington.

We are setting up a satellite service through the lobby newspaper, the Jaded Patriot Press, at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater through my Outpost 422 registered trademark corporate and health communication employee assistance capstone projects.

The Lion of Judah Rastafari provides heightened sobriety detox services on 12th step calls. We are assembling the 511th Rescue and Recovery Brigade Detox Chaplain service.

We are united under the Wisconsin Cannabis Warriors federal lobby and are starting up our newspaper through the Jaded Patriot Press UW-W blog press room headquartered at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

We are starting up a 90-day medicinal Cannabis sample and survey through corporate social responsibility declaring the “I Will Not Forget” campaign the campus distribution service.

The service is provided to members of religious groups and those who support the ideology of a permissive sacramental usage of religious Cannabis on campus.

The survey and sample examine the spiritual void of post-traumatic grief, and the revitalization of Cannabis spiritual recovery.

The doctrine will provide insight through the development of literature reviewed scientific research, and the creation of a universal on campus religious recovery practice.

That practice is called the Sacred Warrior Search and Rescue Foundation, which is a federal lobby sharing the experience of the Lion of Judah Rastafari Church’s attack by the county and city of Madison government.

Outpost 422 is the archive collecting information as history unfolds.

You can reach us at either the Outpost 422, the Jaded Patriot Press or the “I Will Not Forget” Facebook campaign page. We are seeking legal support and accounting services for our Whitewater sanctuary service.

We are cultivating inclusion amongst all warriors, not just veterans. We are helping the families of POW MIA find closure and bring the healing power to those who grieve.

Respectfully Submitted,


Bradley J. Burt

CEO-Outpost 422 Registered Trademark