POW MIA independent study campaign seeks inclusivity on all UW campuses

Upon receiving an email from Dr. Kenny Yarbrough at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, the ongoing complaints filed with the university have been handed over for investigation. The topic: Cultural incongruity.

Sadly, since the beginning of the college journey, many enforcers have stepped up to the plate preventing the truth from surfacing. The university does not want the public alerted regarding our experience as veterans who attend school as non-traditional students.

We deal with guard dogs and bullies preventing us from coming forward. Now is the time for all of us to profile predators who build attrition barriers to our success.

Veterans attending college as middle-aged students get stuffed away with disenfranchisement and now, we are speaking up through academic literature reviewed sources.

The truth? Veterans and servicemembers at the university get treated like we are second rate. We carry the crux of dealing with unwelcoming rhetoric from our professors and administrators.

We deal with hostile learning environments and social isolation by traditional students and members of the Greek society.

We are building a task force for facing cultural incongruity through the Veterans Administration by placing mandated reporters in the classroom who report to the Outpost 422 website.

The Outpost 422 journey began with adopting the 10th Mountain Division Apache pilots and their crew in Afghanistan at forward operating base Fenty. The project grew into a registered trademark providing cover for those dealing with abuse from all angles after transferring from Madison College.

As of now, we are adopting the POW MIA issue for college class projects as a symbol of unity amongst military culture on campus seeking the empowerment of families and those forgotten.

As we move forward, we seek the assembly of a campus task force that reports all occurrences to the Veterans Administration and our federal delegates at the Joint House and Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs.

Outpost 422 relays email complaints regarding unwelcoming rhetoric and abuse that build barriers with student veterans and servicemembers’ success along with unwelcoming exchanges cultivating social isolation on campus.

Social isolation creates attrition. Failure to accommodate veterans and their readjustment to college is an alarming issue.

Being singled out is the current status quo. The guard tower relays your complaint to ranking delegates and senior ranking officers of the military.

The website is your mandated reporting service. Simply fill out the contact form and let’s get you squared away with respect on campus.

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