PRESS RELEASE: 70 Years Not Forgotten Exhibit: We will not forget Lt. Volk this POW MIA Recognition Day

OUTPOST 422 PRESS RELEASE—Welcome to The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater “I Will Not Forget” 70-year Volk Capstone Exhibit. On POW MIA Recognition Day, the missing speak their voice in print. At Outpost 422, we publicize the POW MIA and ongoing repatriation issue.

We remember them with our class projects for inclusivity and transparency.

The table is a reflection of the ongoing politicizing of the POW MIA.

During the 2021-2023 session, the Joint Committee on Finance, per Dept. of Finance Secretary Peter Barca, whose integrity backs the POW MIA chair’s honor, indicated ranking members threw the funding bill in the trash.

The interviews revealed the election season was looming and the opponent would benefit if the bill passed.

Barca understands veterans and their families.

So does Sen. Roger Roth, who wrote the bill and serves the Wisconsin Air National Guard. All historic events with Volk’s open records investigation portfolio captured the multimedia journalism vantage point.

From public affairs investigative reporting while chronologically following journey of the bill from public hearing to garbage can through documentary.

The public affairs investigation received archive from the Volk family, whose interview led the viewer on a journey of mourning while livestreaming.

From Jeri Volk-Bari, Lt. Volk’s niece, and the family’s endless mourning, the reality of the bill’s rejection drove the need for inclusivity with the POW MIA.

Volk-Barry’s words shared at the Senate Bill 446 public hearing, seeking $180,000 per year per session to the University of Wisconsin Missing-in-action Recovery and Identification Project, drove the gears of the table’s investigation.

The capstone exhibit asks those who visit Volk’s display make sense out of the Department POW MIA Accounting Agency. The agency’s lethargic recovery in contrast to the efforts by the UW MIA project so far prove the investment was viable for Wisconsin.

We are investigating Volk’s last known whereabouts and developing a virtual lobby and press operation at Outpost 422, which is a congressional ad hoc lobby capstone.

We advocate for a POW MIA inclusivity safe zone on campus.

Please scan the flow code and let us know if you would like more information. Leave your email for updates with the Jesse Schworck documentary.

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