Bootstrapping, convergent media bootcamps and summer school advising at UW-W

This semester, we are creating awareness. At the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, we are required to learn Adobe sound, video and advertising production software in a ridiculously short amount of time.

The UW-W curriculum in the communications field requires we learn the software in two weeks.

This is simply not possible. I need your financial support.

I am seeking $50,000 to start up a mobile workshop to help students succeed, especially disabled veterans dealing with brain injuries.

The expectation does not allow us the ability to concentrate on our other course work thus leading to dropping out.

Please scan the bar code and help us launch the next phase of Outpost 422.

Our mindfulness bootcamp teaches those dealing with Adobe stress, a scavenger hunt at the Wisconsin State Capitol that gives them hands on experience with developing a storyboard.

The storyboard shares details regarding assembling the story with Adobe instructions.

The boot camp shares the mindfulness journaling from the Building Blocks of Well-Being Certificate course providing a method of shorthand and interview methods.

The program lasts three weeks and preps those at Madison College for their UW transfer.

Portions of the funding will go to finishing the last course needed for the certificate, “Leading with Emotional Intelligence,” and the launching of our boot camp for a summer internship converging Madison College and UW-W into one practicum transfer experience surveying barriers for success along the way.

No student should be forced to drop out as a result of a overloaded curriculum. I have addressed my concerns with the dean of students and the chancellor.

We need financial support to make it happen.

Gonzo-19 moves to workshop phase for ‘I Will Not Forget’ campaign through Hustler Magazine contact form seeking stakeholders


We are seeking corporate investors join our Autumn Landmine Productions Newsflix firm.

We seek corporate employee assistance firms for helping develop a veteran and pandemic refugee reintegration strategy through the “landing strip” project in honor of Wisconsin Air National Guard MIA 1st Lt. Jerome A. Volk.

The project was developed through a corporate communication class for leadership and team building. We seek investors for developing the next phase.

Landing strips allow those in distress a flow code scan to the Outpost 422 website where vouchers will be made available through surveys. We are a national pandemic distress service.

The backpack journalism brand goes on location and cultivates convergent media for submissions to corporate social responsibility campaigns.

We have hit a snag and need support.

We cannot connect the University of Wisconsin with any content about sex workers and the pornography industry, which was the findings of the Gonzo-19 story.

Instead, we have relayed the recent revelation to Hustler magazine, who saved me from homelessness. As a brand owner, I have to allow their firm the right to publish my story as a token of gratitude.

I cannot discuss the issue inside the confines of the UW brand.

The inquiry was submitted through the Hustler contact submission form. TSA allowed me boarding privileges without a driver’s license, but the Strat did not.

I did not have a passport and strongly urge those who visit Vegas carry one as a backup plan.

Letter Submission to Hustler magazine:


I am conducting an independent study for my journalism final project.

I wanted to write a story about Larry Flynt’s 40th anniversary celebrating free speech and wrote about a trip to Pahrump before I tried to interview John Gruden while visiting Vegas.

I ended up at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Lounge during my Auguust walk and received a VIP experience from a dancer named Strawberry. She saved my life when I returned in December and got kicked out of the Strat for only having VA id.

The limo driver gave me a safe ride and the Lounge vouched for me to stay at Planet Hollywood. I was on the verge of homelessness. I requested I send the story for an independent academic submission to Beaver Hunt thanking Larry Flynt for keeping me safe and for helping people who received Dear John letters in combat receive free Hustler magazines.

My professor is livid and don’t know what else to do. My college disabled veteran reporting outlet is called Outpost I have a $2.5 million Go Fund Me campaign. I am trying to raise money to rename our journalism hall from Heide Hall to Hustler Hall to commemorate the POW MIA issue through the disability advocacy of Larry Flynt, who was our topic of choice for our free speech survey in my professor’s law history final paper.

I chose Bobby Seale instead.

I wanted to write another paper and am being told pornographic publishers are not considered academic and could cause a Title IX lawsuit. That’s your gonzo thanks, and documentary logline, for helping a fellow intellectual drifter navigate a close call for saving a disabled veteran in Vegas. I am trying to bootstrap a trip to Los Angeles to finish my documentary.

Please let me know if there are social responsibility grants provided by your philanthropy that could help me out. I could quid pro quo a filmed interview with a member of your firm for a future social responsibility project in Los Angeles.

I am trying to build inclusivity safe zones through the POW MIA issue on Las Vegas Blvd., Hollywood Blvd. and State Street in Madison, Wisconsin. The philanthropy investment will go to helping pandemic refugees and intellectual drifters find resources in times of distress, which is the primary mission of Outpost 422—my registered trademark and disabled veteran college experience.”


Bradley J. Burt

The Hell is Warm on the Homefront Sacred Warrior journey started through the Madison College Launch Your Business branding course

In 2019, after fumbling the baton with the second Madison College Challenge, a class project in 2022 reconnected the experience. The Mindset for Success branding journal reflection shares the story:
Take this  “Creating Your Personal Brand” LinkedIn course through Madison College Learn and then:
  • Tell me 5 things you found important,
  • Take a screen shot of your Completion Certificate and include/attach it for full credit.
  • Add it to your LinkedIn profile if you have one.
Go to – LinkedIn Learning @ Madison College if you are a first-time user of this tool/resource.
This assignment correlates with Outcome #4:  Investigate how social media may influence our personal branding

Shayna and Scott were my mentors. They are my guides. The Linked In video reassured me of the truths about branding. Too little too late. When I began using social media, I was unemployed and dealing with PTSD.

Social media has always appeared as a tabloid. Now, I realize the power of viral campaigning, which is the subject for inspection.

The five things I found important were value, vanity, vintage, volume, and voyeur. The value of your content on social media builds vanity. Vanity manifests through the algorithm. Artificial intelligence markets the meta of the end user, which attracts them to your brand.

This is a mistake as a branded journalist. Bootstrapping is my passion. The vintage factor of our digital footprint could cost us a viral campaign.

The market is flooded with bots. You are competing with the sniffers more than your consumer on YouTube. Keywords build brands based on reputation, which is the vintage factor.

Volume is regulated through analytics. If a person spams too much, the bots flag the brand’s account. I learned this with Facebook business. Analytics drives the campaign. The voyeur is your potential customer who frequents your page but doesn’t stay very long. Collaboratively, the social media community drives the brand.

I was unable to take the quizzes. I have provided a copy of my brand for future use with students. The brand started out in the Practicum 1 course and is the entry to the Madison College Challenge.

Please pass onto Jill for her inspection. My show is being branded through my brand as a specific communications research brand and will be privatizing the VA.

OUTPOST 422 – Burt, Bradley Trademark Registration (

Autumn Landmine Productions Launch: E-seed Startup Surge: Fox Valley Technical College teams veteran entrepreneurs with mentors through innovator program

Mentors from Wisconsin businesses met with veteran entrepreneurs April 23, 2021, offer Zoom coaching sessions during the E-seed Startup Surge Event. The Surge Event The D.J. Bordini Center of Fox Valley Technical College teamed up with the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs through grant funding to help veterans grow their businesses. The Venture Center Director Amy Pietsch hosted the event during the E-seed Entrepreneurship Series of the Veterans Innovator Course. Pietsch meets with the COHORT 2 class on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Autumn Landmine Productions Mentors met with a newly forming business called, “Autumn Landmine Productions.” The Zoom session allowed for one-on-one consultation providing feedback and next steps to take. During break out sessions, topics covered ranged from legal paperwork advising, brainstorming,
The Pitch Bradley Burt, founder of Autumn Landmine Productions, went back to college to pursue the Technical Studies Journey Worker Degree. Burt stumbled into the Madison College University of Wisconsin Liberal Arts Transfer program after his return in Fall of 2017. The Madison College Center for Entrepreneurship helped him stay in school to support his income. Burt is creating an online interactive newspaper, The Jaded Patriot, and the Operation: Greenspace Wisconsin veteran newsletter, which captures found footage by at-risk veteran footage takes on his Facebook pages to spotlight socioeconomical hardship. Autumn Landmine Productions operates as the executive producer like a print newspaper. The value proposition provides the viewer with an ethical vantage point versus a biased opinion of bloggers. The minimal viable production collects found footage and produces loglines through storyboarding preproduction, Adobe software production and adheres as a brand to documentary ethics. Autumn Landmine Productions follows the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater ethical standard for publishing during postproduction.
  • Autumn Landmine brings black and white print standards into the multimedia industry when grey areas appear in found footage.
  • Autumn Landmine Productions films documentary through Facebook live and uploaded footage. The footage takers provide the content.
  • Autumn Landmine Productions edits footage according to documentary ethics for publishing purposes.
Burt seeks three angel investors offering each a trustee position on his corporate social responsibility campaign 501 c 3 board. Autumn Landmine seeks $25,000 for start up to establish the online medium through Stellar Blue Technologies. The agency doubles as an at-risk veteran social media safety net called Operation: Greenspace HRF, which gives away Wi-Fi devices to the homeless at the Wisconsin State Capitol as an at-risk veteran checkpoint. They are the Jaded Patriots. Mentor Feedback An entrepreneur’s elevator pitch offers cross-examination by mentors, investors and lenders the opportunity to weigh in on the strengths and weaknesses of a startup. Mentors met with students to narrow their focus and enlighten the road ahead. The feedback from mentors helped Autumn Landmine sort through the nuts and bolts of marketing and revenue streams.
  • Drew Mueske, founder of Tee Forward, offered solid advice by reaching out to his friends at to see if they would like to help generate documentaries. Connecting with other veteran organizations helps the community grow.
  • Dana Coyhis, founder of Not for Now LLC, suggested pitching the idea to VICE to generate exposure. Finding that first revenue stream launches the business and will generate more exposure once the first client relationship gets established.
  • Rob Kleman from the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce provided a wealth of knowledge ranging from legal services, available financing, what not to do and a friendly consultation.
Mentors pointed the agency towards philanthropies who support veterans. The Surge session helped prevent setbacks with new business ventures that launch offering friendly advice. Pietsch guided the sessions between 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. through ten minute sessions on Zoom. Key Supporters and the Road Ahead Autumn Landmine Productions pitches on April 28th to 1 Million Cups for class. The agency seeks to solicit opportunities for key supporters to donate and be listed in documentary credits. Burt will begin shopping for trustees and key supporters to apply for a WDVA grant to create a social media safety network. Autumn Landmine Productions through the recommendation by Pietsch will seek to consult with Stellar Blue Technologies. The grant funding will be used to start up The Jaded Patriot Press after completion of the Publication: Editing Course at UW Whitewater in Spring of 2022. For press inquiries and freelance consultations, please comment or connect through the Autumn Landmine Productions contact page.  

Outpost 422 CEO UW-W Delta Alpha Pi presidential candidate announcement

Burt, Bradley J, Sr

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Mon 10/17/2022 11:54 AM


I am announcing my candidacy for president and will provide you with a video format I have trademarked through my college capstone class project called Outpost 422.

As the president, I will advocate for what I am currently lobbying for as the CEO of the Outpost 422 registered trademark. I am lobbying for a unilateral testing and proctoring method for those who deal with trauma informed and brain injuries. And I am asking whenever a professor escalates a situation through diabolical rhetoric found in microaggressions, we be excused from all class participation and examinations for 72-hours for panic attack de-escalation.

The other item I am advocating for is a low light room for all to use as a chaplain confessional opportunity when dealing with PTSD from social isolation. I am currently working with the Whitewater Student Government president arranging these accommodations for myself.

I would like all who work with CSD receive the same privileges as combat vets. As your president and brand owner, I will abide by shared governance policies and create open channels of communication for students with disabilities who deal with aggressive proctoring and lecture methods. I will send you a video this week for my candidacy announcement.


Bradley J. Burt

CEO Outpost 422
Congressional Advocate-POW MIA Federal Capstone Lobby

Are you new to Madison College? Check out these tools for success

The following information was provided by Prof. Lynn Baldwin from the Madison College Mindset for Success course. Outpost 422 investigates tools for success and relays resources by paying forward and passing on.

Outpost 422 provides a service called “Hell is Warm on the Homefront,” which is virtual confessional and podcast service. The show airs on the Madison College Clarion Radio server on Thursdays from 11-12 p.m. CDT.

Please fill out the contact form if you are interested in being a guest on the podcast or show. We are seeking stories about surviving trauma bonding and Machiavellian abuse.

Madison College is the greatest place on earth–make sure you take full advantage of all of the experience! If you have any questions about anything, never hesitate to reach out.  You’ll find an extensive collection of those here

You can get FREE Microsoft office products here:

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RISE: Retention Initiative and Student Engagement

Meet the RISE Team and learn about the programs and services we offer to include:

  • Academic Success Coaching
  • SCMP – Scholars of Color Mentoring Program
  • TRIO Student Support Services
  • TOPS College Success
  • MoE- Men of Excellence
  • VRS – Veterans Resource Services
  • First-Generation Student Club — “I’m First”

For more information, please contact Janine Wilson, RISE director.  Email:

Academic Support

A variety of academic support is available to students, including Libraries, Student Achievement Center, Writing Center and computer help.

Additional Amazing Resources You Might Want To Consider


Specialized advising services for veterans, transfer students, international students, and new and current students.

Art & Media

Students who enjoy the arts or media have several options at Madison College, including Performing Arts, The Clarion, the Yahara Journal and an art gallery.


With eight intercollegiate sports and a wide variety of intramural offerings, student-athletes can find ways to be involved at Madison College. Most degree credit students have free access to the college to the Madison College Fitness Center.

Career & Employment

This is an amazing resource that is available to you even after you graduate!  Here is link  Career & Employment Services

Civic Engagement

A variety of service learning opportunities are available to all Madison College students through the Volunteer Center, including regular alternative break trips during winter and spring break. Volunteering is a great way to help others.

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The Center for Student Life has more than 60 clubs available and several student organizations. Whether you’re into music, movies, politics or social activities, there’s a place for you in Student Life.


Counseling services available for help during a crisis.  Here is the link: Counseling Services

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Disability Resource Services available include advising, approved accommodations and yearly events.

Diversity and Multicultural Programming

Student Life and the Center for International Education offer multicultural programs ranging from study abroad options to United Common Ground, a student-led organization that focuses on multiculturalism and contemporary issues.

Financial Literacy

Provides suggestions on paying for college, as well as online money knowledge resources. If you’re not sure about how simple the scholarship process is or why it might be important for you, check out our own Hospitality Management program student, Natalie Mickelson’s, incredibly helpful  video testimony here:


The college offers great options such as a Challenge Course, a Fitness Center, and  Group Classes.

Graduation Resources

Everything you need to know about graduation, including requirements, cost, ceremony information and the checklist.


Leadership opportunities include joining the Phi Theta Kappa honor society, running for Student Senate, becoming a Student Ambassador or participating in Student Life leadership development programs.

Medical Care

Don’t forget about our FREE Medical Clinic. Also if you need to, check out the Student Health Insurance available.


During Orientation you can meet with your admission and academic advisors, plan your studies, receive personalized enrollment assistance, and meet students and instructors in your program.


The college offers great options such as the Goodman Sports Complex, Intercollegiate Athletics and Intramural Sports.

Testing Services

A wide-range of testing including GED/HSED, placement, certification and accommodated testing.

Transfer Services

Assistance with meeting transfer requirements to transfer from MATC to your future college or university, including development of a transfer plan to meet your academic goals.


Services available to you include:

Thank you for supporting the Outpost 422 journey. Namastasmos represents the transition into the college classroom and transfer to the UW. Take full advantage of finding gratitude and journal about how awesome John Stamos is as a drummer. Drum along to Kokomo in times of worry and stress resulting from pandemic social isolation PTSD.



COMM327: Employee assistance communication research pilot surveys the 11th hour experience at the UW

The next phase of the college journey seeks the answers to the riddle of Machiavellianism through diary and research writing.

We are seeking dominant investors for the documentary pilots launching for employee assistance survey of groupthink through flow code reporting. Today, we present to you a sample of what is considered the problem we solve.

As intellectual drifters and pandemic pajama classroom refugees, we seek a chaplain and mandated reporter service at UW Whitewater.

We are launching a campaign calling out unnecessary rhetoric by instructors and we do so through inclusivity. We are developing and honors sociological survey of the veterans who serve post-secondary academic abuse.

I am one. But we are many. Many veterans receive unwelcomed rhetoric, and the Joint House and Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs is being notified of my academic abuse at UW Whitewater through my corporate and health community capstones. The documentary recalls how I have been treated so far.

I am arguing and lobbying for equal mobility and access to resources the Greek societies receive. We are facing the intellectual drifter and refugee crisis through egomania survey for the next phase of ILRB certification for a UW-wide veteran climate survey regarding professors and their gatekeeping and over proctoring methods.

The lobby report is the Outpost 422 independent study seeking help from the UW for providing safety on campus through checkpoints and committee meetings with the chancellor.

We are committed to serving you at Outpost 422. Please check out the sample below if you are confused regarding academic research and where to start.

We all need a starting point in college.

The class assignment assessed socialization and is a helpful resource for mindfulness. Mindfulness builds healthy leaders.

Sef-care is number one. Inquire about employee assistance if you suspect you are having a problem with the workplace community. Journal episodes based on answers to the test and see who the narc at work is.


The following is a simple diagnostic test. For the most part, you will find it easy to guess the “right” answer. But getting the “right” answer is not the point of the test. Respond honestly, even if you feel that your response is not the best one possible. This is not a contest. The object is solely self-inventory.

  1. There’s a lot of backstabbing that goes on where I work.  T/F_F_
  2. I am open with my colleagues.                                                T/F_T_
  3. I am pretty effective at getting my colleagues to cooperate with me.                                                                                                                       T/F_T_
  1. I am afraid my colleagues will steal my ideas.                     T/F_F__
  2. I ask my colleagues about what interests and concerns them.                                                                                                                                   T/F_T__
  3. My colleagues respect me.                                                       T/F_F__
  4. My colleagues are jealous of me.                                            T/F_F__
  5. I criticize issues and actions rather than people.                T/F_F__
  6. I criticize only what I believe can be remedied, improved, or eliminated.                                                                                                             T/F_T__
  7. I criticize constructively.                                                          T/F_T__
  8. A dispute has a winner and a loser.                                        T/F_F__
  9. I don’t make waves.                                                                    T/F_F__
  10. 13- I dread making apologies.                                                  T/F_F__
  11. I drink lots of coffee.                                                                   T/F_T__
  12. I enjoy the people I work with.                                                 T/F_T__
  13. I enjoy conversation with my colleagues.                               T/F_T__
  14. I feel like part of a team.                                                             T/F_T__
  15. I get plenty of sleep.                                                                    T/F_T__
  16. I’m good at “brainstorming.                                                      T/F_T__
  17. I handle stress well.                                                                     T/F_T__
  18. I have “championed” projects and ideas.                                T/F_T__
  19. I have a happy home life.                                                            T/F_T__
  20. I know my colleagues and their jobs, duties, and areas of expertise.                                                                                                                          T/F_F__
  21. Our office is very political.                                                          T/F_F__
  22. The people I work with waste my time with too much talk. T/F_F__
  23. I share ideas with my colleagues.                                               T/F_F__
  24. If someone gets angry, I tell them to calm down.                   T/F_F__
  25. I think business meetings are a waste of time.                        T/F_T__
  26. I try to respond fully and informatively to my colleagues’ ideas and projects                                                                                            T/F_T__
  27. I usually get my way.                                                                     T/F_F__
  28. Sometimes you just have to holler and argue the other person down.                                                                                                                          T/F_F__


Step 1: Add 1 point for each true and 0 for each false answer. T:19 F:11

Step 2: For questions 1, 4, 7, 11, 12, 12, 13, 14, 24, 25, 27, 28, and 31:  SUBTRACT 1 point for each true answer from the total score you got in step 1. 14:True

(note: it is possible to obtain a negative score)

A score of  + 17 or higher indicates you are effective at communicating with your colleagues.

Final Score: 18


Bradley J. Burt

Intro to Corporate Communication Online

Dr. S-A Welch


Discussion I

I scored an 18 based upon where I am in my college journey. The last time I worked for a company full-time was in 2017. I answered the work-related questions based upon my most recent job as the past general manager of broadcast at Madison College for Clarion Radio.

My colleagues respected me because I made sure their equipment was working and helped them edit their shows on my free time and went above and beyond. I was open with colleagues regarding upcoming events on campus that would help them develop their shows and prep for their university transfer.

Being a leader and honors society member is a privilege. For recalling psychosocial questions found in the survey, I looked back to experiences as a low-ranking employee. I recall those years as an experience of how not to perform and communicate as a leader.

Survey Results

The interesting results from the survey indicated my coffee intake affected my ability to communicate effectively, which I argue on the grounds that coffee intake requires me to get up and walk to the break room and make more, which is an informal role that stimulates performance.

Drinking lots of coffee was the only answer affecting my communication savviness. My coffee intake is an integral part of my brainstorming capabilities. Although coffee increases stress, coffee is a part of my military culture.

We collaborate and plan many precautionary steps over a cup of coffee. Coffee brews strategy.

I do not agree that business meetings are a waste of time. Business meetings convey the ideology of how well the organization carries out its mission.

As for politics at the office, as I stated in previous class discussions, politics leads to endorsing groupthink. In the manufacturing industry, seniority cultivated groupthink. Senior union employees dominated the flow of information with managers, and if others spoke up or spoke too much, the senior members would use passive aggressive communication and misinformation to make an example out of an employee.

The toxic workplace made for a negative mindset. I learned I must refrain from conformity as a leader and innovator.

The phobias described throughout the survey like, “my colleagues are jealous of me,” could easily be remedied through an employee assistance program. I do not align with bringing conspiracy theories to the workplace.

I expect my colleagues, subordinates, and those above me respect the workplace by keeping their personal life at home, and if an employee needs some support, as a manager and CEO of my brand, I will make sure you know where to locate available resources for well-being. For an organization to thrive, one must keep a watchful eye on their well-being, which includes how we communicate with each other. What we persist will exist.

Dominant Stakeholders

For a company’s well-being, dominant stakeholders who possess a score lower than 17 should consider an employee assistance option.

Let’s revisit week three and discuss the influence of dominant stakeholders and the quest as leaders in pursuit of the prudential state through virtuosity. According to Professor Joep Cornelissen’s textbook “Corporate Communication: A Guide to Theory and Practice,” dominant stake holders, which are the company’s moral agents, possess both “powerful and legitimate claims, giving them a strong influence on the organization” (Cornelissen, 2020, p. 70).

Dominant stakeholders possessing a less-than-savvy attitude affect the flow of information. As the distributors of communication and enforcers of socialization with the rites of passage within organizational culture, dominant stakeholders influence executive decisions, which affects everyone.

Their job is keeping you informed and safe. When an employee comes between the mission, the dominant stakeholders enforce policies. From my experience working in unions, I have witnessed leaders disrupt the workplace and use groupthink to undermine dominant stakeholders.

All employees are dominant stakeholders as moral agents. A solution the company could try would be mindfulness workshops for corporate quarterly gainshare meetings. Corporations, through social responsibility, produce quarterly statements that provide information regarding free services the company provides for well-being found in their corporate social responsibility transcripts available to employees.

Individually, we are all dominant stakeholders of our mindset. Employee assistance programs are free services provided by the company for all to use. I am not ashamed to admit I have used employee assistance programs when dealing with groupthink abuse. The program helped me keep grounded in the workplace and deflect the opinion of others so that I could concentrate on my job.

Organizational Culture/Employee Engagement

Dr. Welch’s PowerPoint for week six discussed two items that provide tools for success when coping with a negative mindset. Welch (2022) states, “Culture is the culmination of what is seen as the best way to conduct business.” Through organizational cultural norms, which spotlight effective communication practices, culmination manifests through promotion.

Culmination rewards employees who demonstrate innovative behavior that led to climbing the corporate ladder through promotion.

Those who communicate the mission effectively by influencing flow when working with others climb the ladder as an American corporate norm. Scoring less than 17 could potentially threaten the viability of the business and lead to demotion or termination.

Getting help immediately will change the outlook of the future. Let’s examine groupthink. Oftentimes, when working in a group of let’s say a less-than-dominant stakeholder position, the odd person out would stress over not fitting in. The ability to shine within the culture could be shunned.

When I worked in the manufacturing industry, those who worked hard were the first to get let go, which was the cultural norm of working in a union shop.

I chose housekeeping as a norm by setting the standard with safety. No matter how high up the ladder I was in authority, I was never too good to push a broom whenever there was a lull.

Being a model stakeholder in an organization comes from having a humble mindset and staying low to the ground.

The week six Power Point also discussed motivators with the employee engagement section. Dr. Welch (2022) indicated “The power/authority to make decisions” is a motivator for employee engagement. Having buy in at the bottom of the ladder retains employees, which I have experience with my previous employee. Bonuses helped me cope with Machiavellian abuse.

The survey questions reflect the ability to profile, discern, and effectively survey conflict effecting the landscape of communication flow based on the individual’s perception through employee engagement. The bulleted information and survey were an eye opener.

The PowerPoint and survey recalled an event regarding employee engagement that reminded me of a time when I was working on the shop floor regarding buy in.

The union demanded lower seniority employees speak to them first before going to the boss and if we went to human resources, we would be considered a snitch and ran off the job.

The company, through its gainshare program, allowed all employees the opportunity to bring ideas forward, which allowed for lower seniority workers a chance to win prizes and receive recognition.

By opening the floor to suggestions, lower ranking employees received buy in and worker harder and stayed later for opportunities to receive bonuses.


Cornelissen, J. (2020). Corporate Communication: A Guide to Theory & Practice (6th ed., pp. 70-71). London, England: SAGE Publications Inc.

Welch, S.A. (2022). Culture and Employee Engagement [PowerPoint slides]. College of Arts and Communication, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.













Call to Action: The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s treatment of nonlegacy students

PRESS RELEASE—I want to make this brief. Over the last three years, I have been dealing with being targeted by the marines at the Whitewater Veterans of Foreign Wars Post in the veterans lounge at the Anderson Library, the veterans resources coordinator and faculty who used gatekeeping methods that cost me a “W” last semester.

Faculty acts aggressively with transfers from Madison College. I am not the only one.

I am also a member of the Madison College Honors Society helping those dealing with transfer anxiety prep through workshops at Phi Theta Kappa. We want to see you succeed.

I do not feel safe on campus and am attending both the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and Madison College because Whitewater will not provide me the same accommodations that Madison College does.

I want to share with you my ongoing Machiavellian experience and hope you will evade being treated the same way.

I want to share my story with those who are considering Whitewater as their transfer school.

Not all students and faculty on campus respect nontraditional students. We are treated horribly, and the new interim chancellor has been made aware.

Last semester, my colleague for my class project received the same treatment. I am grateful she spoke up.

We were trolled by our team members who ignored us and waited last minute to pull together our class presentation assignment worth over half of our grade.

They conspired against us and luckily her legacy status gave us the leverage needed to start the “I Will Not Forget” campaign for inclusivity, which was our final project.

She was a member of a sorority. I am a disabled veteran. The university did not listen to my complaints until she spoke up.

We filed a complaint with the dean of students and now I am receiving retaliation. I am being told I am “triggered” and that I am the problem child.

Little do they know; my VA social worker is my line of sight working with me who reviews their rhetoric in my emails.

Today, I am being forced to share my story in class for a work history assignment, which was posted in a previous blog on the website.

I feel compelled to warn all of you who are about to awaken to the reality of the University of Wisconsin transfer system.

I am taking a stance every time I receive a satisfaction survey even though the problem continues to escalate. I am being told I cannot use the Outpost 422 registered trademark for my corporate capstones, which is a mandated reporting blogger transferring confidential concerns to members of Congress.

The university is committing the Machiavellian act of obstruction.

As a veteran, you can rest assured I will pass your situation onto my Congressional delegate I report to as a member of the PREVENTS program.

If you are a nontraditional student considering going back to school, don’t. Do not even entertain the idea. You will be treated like garbage at the University of Wisconsin.

Your professors will grumble and complain when you seek accommodations for your disability. You will be told to take your courses online because integrating with traditional students is inappropriate.

You will be treated second rate. You will not feel welcome.

Outpost 422 is here for you. The website is a mandated reporter. Please fill out the contact form if you are in need of connecting with a third-party social worker. We are working on bringing a chaplain on board too.

For now, you can fill out the contact form and talk to me. I am ordained. Outpost 422 is a student in distress relay team. We care about you.


Bradley J. Burt

CEO-Outpost 422