Call to Action: The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s treatment of nonlegacy students

PRESS RELEASE—I want to make this brief. Over the last three years, I have been dealing with being targeted by the marines at the Whitewater Veterans of Foreign Wars Post in the veterans lounge at the Anderson Library, the veterans resources coordinator and faculty who used gatekeeping methods that cost me a “W” last semester.

Faculty acts aggressively with transfers from Madison College. I am not the only one.

I am also a member of the Madison College Honors Society helping those dealing with transfer anxiety prep through workshops at Phi Theta Kappa. We want to see you succeed.

I do not feel safe on campus and am attending both the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and Madison College because Whitewater will not provide me the same accommodations that Madison College does.

I want to share with you my ongoing Machiavellian experience and hope you will evade being treated the same way.

I want to share my story with those who are considering Whitewater as their transfer school.

Not all students and faculty on campus respect nontraditional students. We are treated horribly, and the new interim chancellor has been made aware.

Last semester, my colleague for my class project received the same treatment. I am grateful she spoke up.

We were trolled by our team members who ignored us and waited last minute to pull together our class presentation assignment worth over half of our grade.

They conspired against us and luckily her legacy status gave us the leverage needed to start the “I Will Not Forget” campaign for inclusivity, which was our final project.

She was a member of a sorority. I am a disabled veteran. The university did not listen to my complaints until she spoke up.

We filed a complaint with the dean of students and now I am receiving retaliation. I am being told I am “triggered” and that I am the problem child.

Little do they know; my VA social worker is my line of sight working with me who reviews their rhetoric in my emails.

Today, I am being forced to share my story in class for a work history assignment, which was posted in a previous blog on the website.

I feel compelled to warn all of you who are about to awaken to the reality of the University of Wisconsin transfer system.

I am taking a stance every time I receive a satisfaction survey even though the problem continues to escalate. I am being told I cannot use the Outpost 422 registered trademark for my corporate capstones, which is a mandated reporting blogger transferring confidential concerns to members of Congress.

The university is committing the Machiavellian act of obstruction.

As a veteran, you can rest assured I will pass your situation onto my Congressional delegate I report to as a member of the PREVENTS program.

If you are a nontraditional student considering going back to school, don’t. Do not even entertain the idea. You will be treated like garbage at the University of Wisconsin.

Your professors will grumble and complain when you seek accommodations for your disability. You will be told to take your courses online because integrating with traditional students is inappropriate.

You will be treated second rate. You will not feel welcome.

Outpost 422 is here for you. The website is a mandated reporter. Please fill out the contact form if you are in need of connecting with a third-party social worker. We are working on bringing a chaplain on board too.

For now, you can fill out the contact form and talk to me. I am ordained. Outpost 422 is a student in distress relay team. We care about you.


Bradley J. Burt

CEO-Outpost 422