Outpost 422 CEO UW-W Delta Alpha Pi presidential candidate announcement

Burt, Bradley J, Sr

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Mon 10/17/2022 11:54 AM


I am announcing my candidacy for president and will provide you with a video format I have trademarked through my college capstone class project called Outpost 422.

As the president, I will advocate for what I am currently lobbying for as the CEO of the Outpost 422 registered trademark. I am lobbying for a unilateral testing and proctoring method for those who deal with trauma informed and brain injuries. And I am asking whenever a professor escalates a situation through diabolical rhetoric found in microaggressions, we be excused from all class participation and examinations for 72-hours for panic attack de-escalation.

The other item I am advocating for is a low light room for all to use as a chaplain confessional opportunity when dealing with PTSD from social isolation. I am currently working with the Whitewater Student Government president arranging these accommodations for myself.

I would like all who work with CSD receive the same privileges as combat vets. As your president and brand owner, I will abide by shared governance policies and create open channels of communication for students with disabilities who deal with aggressive proctoring and lecture methods. I will send you a video this week for my candidacy announcement.


Bradley J. Burt

CEO Outpost 422
Congressional Advocate-POW MIA Federal Capstone Lobby

Are you new to Madison College? Check out these tools for success

The following information was provided by Prof. Lynn Baldwin from the Madison College Mindset for Success course. Outpost 422 investigates tools for success and relays resources by paying forward and passing on.

Outpost 422 provides a service called “Hell is Warm on the Homefront,” which is virtual confessional and podcast service. The show airs on the Madison College Clarion Radio server on Thursdays from 11-12 p.m. CDT.

Please fill out the contact form if you are interested in being a guest on the podcast or show. We are seeking stories about surviving trauma bonding and Machiavellian abuse.

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For more information, please contact Janine Wilson, RISE director.  Email:  jjohnsonwilson@madisoncollege.edu

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Thank you for supporting the Outpost 422 journey. Namastasmos represents the transition into the college classroom and transfer to the UW. Take full advantage of finding gratitude and journal about how awesome John Stamos is as a drummer. Drum along to Kokomo in times of worry and stress resulting from pandemic social isolation PTSD.