Gonzo-19 moves to workshop phase for ‘I Will Not Forget’ campaign through Hustler Magazine contact form seeking stakeholders


We are seeking corporate investors join our Autumn Landmine Productions Newsflix firm.

We seek corporate employee assistance firms for helping develop a veteran and pandemic refugee reintegration strategy through the “landing strip” project in honor of Wisconsin Air National Guard MIA 1st Lt. Jerome A. Volk.

The project was developed through a corporate communication class for leadership and team building. We seek investors for developing the next phase.

Landing strips allow those in distress a flow code scan to the Outpost 422 website where vouchers will be made available through surveys. We are a national pandemic distress service.

The backpack journalism brand goes on location and cultivates convergent media for submissions to corporate social responsibility campaigns.

We have hit a snag and need support.

We cannot connect the University of Wisconsin with any content about sex workers and the pornography industry, which was the findings of the Gonzo-19 story.

Instead, we have relayed the recent revelation to Hustler magazine, who saved me from homelessness. As a brand owner, I have to allow their firm the right to publish my story as a token of gratitude.

I cannot discuss the issue inside the confines of the UW brand.

The inquiry was submitted through the Hustler contact submission form. TSA allowed me boarding privileges without a driver’s license, but the Strat did not.

I did not have a passport and strongly urge those who visit Vegas carry one as a backup plan.

Letter Submission to Hustler magazine:


I am conducting an independent study for my journalism final project.

I wanted to write a story about Larry Flynt’s 40th anniversary celebrating free speech and wrote about a trip to Pahrump before I tried to interview John Gruden while visiting Vegas.

I ended up at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Lounge during my Auguust walk and received a VIP experience from a dancer named Strawberry. She saved my life when I returned in December and got kicked out of the Strat for only having VA id.

The limo driver gave me a safe ride and the Lounge vouched for me to stay at Planet Hollywood. I was on the verge of homelessness. I requested I send the story for an independent academic submission to Beaver Hunt thanking Larry Flynt for keeping me safe and for helping people who received Dear John letters in combat receive free Hustler magazines.

My professor is livid and don’t know what else to do. My college disabled veteran reporting outlet is called Outpost 422.com. I have a $2.5 million Go Fund Me campaign. I am trying to raise money to rename our journalism hall from Heide Hall to Hustler Hall to commemorate the POW MIA issue through the disability advocacy of Larry Flynt, who was our topic of choice for our free speech survey in my professor’s law history final paper.

I chose Bobby Seale instead.

I wanted to write another paper and am being told pornographic publishers are not considered academic and could cause a Title IX lawsuit. That’s your gonzo thanks, and documentary logline, for helping a fellow intellectual drifter navigate a close call for saving a disabled veteran in Vegas. I am trying to bootstrap a trip to Los Angeles to finish my documentary.

Please let me know if there are social responsibility grants provided by your philanthropy that could help me out. I could quid pro quo a filmed interview with a member of your firm for a future social responsibility project in Los Angeles.

I am trying to build inclusivity safe zones through the POW MIA issue on Las Vegas Blvd., Hollywood Blvd. and State Street in Madison, Wisconsin. The philanthropy investment will go to helping pandemic refugees and intellectual drifters find resources in times of distress, which is the primary mission of Outpost 422—my registered trademark and disabled veteran college experience.”


Bradley J. Burt